That is a cultural taboo that would attract condemnation.

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“Young people get attracted into this business because there is very high unemployment here, almost 100 per cent, with no factories or industry,” Mohamed Kalombi, Puntland’s then interior minister, told me.

“But now they see the chance to make millions of dollars through crime.

I can afford to buy a new car and home, and when we are back on shore we have big parties, with girls, lots to drink, and plenty of qhat [the narcotic leaf chewed by Somalis that also features heavily in the film].” A couple of weeks later, when we were ourselves in pirate custody, we got a similar story from Fraisal, a teenage orphan who was part of the gang.

Even though he was holding us at gunpoint, I could not help feeling a touch of sympathy.

[Photo/ke]someone said that dating is a tricky business.

That said, dating a Somali woman is not like dating any other woman. The first rule of thumb is that you must be a Muslim for you to date a lady of Somali extraction although not all Somali women are Muslims but the majority are.

The lack of prospects for the average Somali were apparent the moment we arrived in Bossaso, where an ageing Antonov airliner deposits visitors on to a rough landing strip overlooked by barren mountains.

A city of 500,000, it is as poor as anywhere in Africa, a tumbledown collection of breeze-block buildings and dirt roads resembling a shanty town.

Wedding season is starting in a few weeks, and then you will see how many Somali youngsters are marrying each other, you will hardly hear about someone marrying a non-Somali.

Yeah that is true Wedding season looooool If a woman marries a outsider, she will be the talk of the Somali community especially back home.

One of the few thriving local industries was in trafficking stowaways to the Gulf States, a journey that carried a high risk of drowning.