The images of the girl’s dad Senad crying by her bedside as she was wrapped up in bandages and hooked up to a breathing machine have shocked the country, with many taking to social media to demand justice.

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Serbian nut roll is usually covered with a layer of poppy, walnut or cherry, but sometimes can be with a layer of carob or cocoa.

Nut rolls are popular across the United States, often made with some combination of walnut, poppy seed, apricot, and coffee, with more traditional varieties and preparations made in areas with large Central European settlements.

Types or forms of nut roll are: rolled log, loaf made via a bread pan, and a "crazy loaf" style with a unique texture.

The poppyseed versions are still popular in Russian-American neighborhoods in the USA.

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Fillings commonly have as their main ingredient ground walnuts or poppy seeds.

Nut rolls can be found in the United States and in Central European cuisines.

They are also popular in Youngstown, Ohio, northeastern Ohio (where it is known as kolachi), the Iron Range of Minnesota, Pueblo, Colorado, Kansas City and Butte, Montana (where it is known by the Slovenian name potica and the Croatian, regional Slovenian, and Serbian name povitica).