We regret that due to new anti-spam techniques deployed by Yahoo, some people may not be receiving e-mail from us.It is not only ourselves that you may not be receiving mail from, this problem is affecting many sites.

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Here is an interesting discussion of the situation.

Unfortunately despite our numerous attempts to contact Yahoo they are unable to comprehend the problem we're experiencing, despite it been due solely their own misguided rules. You will note that they make no mention of them deliberately refusing mail to make the server retry, (which they believe spammers will not do).

Doing so enables these criminals to get your real login information which they then use to access your Adult Profile.

Please be vigilent, it seems that all forms of communication are being used to try and fool unsuspecting members into giving out their personal information: Adult NEVER send messages asking for your details.

Current Status This page lists any current system issues that might be affecting your ability to interact with the Site.

If you are experiencing a technical issue that is not listed, please check the Help Desk.We are developing a mail management system so members can select exactly which emails they would like to receive.Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.(We even recommend that Mac users install Parallels or use Bootcamp in order to run Windows and Just Cam It.) However, if 2-way cam is more important to your clients than high quality video and audio, using it may be a suitable short-term workaround.Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing you and thank you for your patience.Our team are working to identify and resolve this issue as a matter of urgency and will deploy a fix as soon as possible.