The attitude among the locals is basically this: it you're a Muslim, you're "one of them" so you don't get scammed.If you're not a Muslim, you're fair game for everyone from small boys on the street to shop owners to obvious thugs to sex scams.

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On several occasions shopkeepers sexually assaulted her with me standing right there!

I've been to some shitty places in my time, but none of them have been quite so horrible as Marrakech.

(I married my high school sweetheart.) I'm curious if this is normal now or what?

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Perhaps this is based on an unusual and unrepresentative experience, but after six weeks of being harassed, conned, and abused I'm unlikely to return to find out different.

Your contention that they treat everyone this way, regardless Of race, religion, or nationality, isn't comforting.“[My selfie] is easy to find on the internet, I was catfished,” he explained when the subject of 'naked selfies' came up.“Basically, someone messaged me on Twitter and after a while she was like, do you want Skype sex? I was so naïve.” "Then three years later, they released it," he said. I still don't think you understood what I was saying.You are generalizing and tend to jump to conclusions quickly.I'm married and have no interest in skyping with strangers, but that got me thinking -- is this how people meet these days? In my profile, all I have is my picture -- that's it, no information, nothing.