Women tend to be aware of and rate their looks fairly accurately.

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Toward the end of our relationship that was happening too much and we were both unhappy.

I believe that we wanted to stay together because we had built such a happy and loving relationship.

Let me tell you- when the time isn’t right, you can’t force it.

The time wasn’t right but I wasn’t over him no matter how far away I moved.

" Although I always refuse to give them my numerical opinion (because all men think differently), their guesses are usually very close to what I would have ranked them.

So why would they set the bar so much higher than what they know they can get?

Some might point out that their "delusion" is caused by their experiences getting men who are out of their league for sex and casual dating.

And though I agree that this happens, it doesn't capture the whole picture.

Occasionally we modify this self-perception when we realize the extent of strengths we didn't know we had, or weaknesses that have greater implications than we'd imagined.