You’re more likely to find someone who understands you right off the bat if you look for a partner on a website targeted to people with diabetes.Two websites where you can meet other people with diabetes are Diabetic and Diabetes Dating 'Find out about their interests, passions, hobbies, how they take their tea, how they grew up and their favourite memories.'Madeleine also advises making the questions quirky.

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Honesty is great, but you don’t have to give a full dissertation on diabetes during your first date.

When telling the other person about your condition, be sparing about the details until you can gauge their response.

If you were to be turned into an animal, what would you choose? 'So you can let go with your questioning.'alker - your date - will have a positive association to the listener - you - and will feel like they have had a good time,' Madeleine says.

'Humans are ultimately ego-centric and love nothing more than talking about themselves.

Making it casual indicates that you put value on the person and not the actual night out, Madeleine says.

And by showing that you are not willing to give a total stranger more than 60 minutes of your time, Madeleine also says you are illustrating your own self-respect.'Ask questions of your date that demonstrate you are interested in who they are as a person,' Madeleine says.

Share details about your diabetes only when necessary.

You want your date to know that there’s a whole lot more to you than your medical condition.

Try explaining to your date why you have to run to the bathroom to test your blood sugar before a meal, count carbs during dinner, or eat before you go for a walk. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t date successfully.

Here are a few tips to make the dating experience more compatible with your condition.

And if anyone asks you for money, that’s a definite red flag.