No thanks to you” he said harshly, “And I will not tell you where she is” I was about to protest but I knew he wouldn’t budge. I wasn’t sure how I got back down to my room, Andrew must have taken me. When I landed at Melbourne Airport I expected to simply grab my bags and grab a bus home. The tears threatened to come the moment we embraced but I held them back. “Andrew called me” she said as she stroked my hair, the two of us hugging for so long, we were beginning to draw attention. But on the other hand, I was feeling everything, all of the pain twisting inside me… In many ways Anna had been the older sister I always wanted. “I’ll drink to that” called Maria as she poured herself a glass of wine, on her head was a tinsel halo. And would I ever be able to regain what I had lost? But it was still there as the ice began to form around my heart again. I seem to be leaving you guys with a lot of cliff-hangers lately. So just so I’m clear, as I’m not sure it was coming across, Gerard did not, I repeat, De D NOT, want to kiss Emmy. So as you can imagine, she’s going to be pretty upset. Unfortunately I can’t post any GIFs as I am writing this on my mobile. I am very much still in-love with my GIFs and with all of you! Closing the door behind her, I followed her into the hotel room. Compared to Lucy, as it was involuntarily reaction I had, she seemed so bland. And Gerard and I showed no signs of strain in our relationship. ” a small note of disgust crept into my voice at the thought of revealing something like that over text. Smiling I broke away, turning on my heel I went back to the piano and grabbed the songbook before turning back to him, “I’ll be back around six” I said simply, “I want the popcorn waiting” I warned. Determined to give him the best answer I could, “Yes” I admitted with some surprise. I had never dared to dream anything as wild as that!

Andrew snapped his eye up, fixing me with such a glare with his steely gaze that I could feel the anger radiating off him, “She is gone now. He called the airport first and ordered me a flight, then a car to the airport, then he ordered half a dozen maids and bellhops to pack up all my stuff. Trying to find some warning that Gerard would do this to me. Eventually though, I fell asleep out of pure exhaustion. Once he had left Australia, finishing what he needed to for Love Never Dies, he had insisted that I move it. The House was modern and had far too many bedrooms and bathrooms, but it was mine. I dumped my bags on the floor and stood looking around the slightly unfamiliar room. All my pictures, papers, belongings were still here… Anna’s face softened for a moment before she reached forward and placed a comforting hand on my cheek, “You’ll be ok” she promised. I turned to Ben, wanting an explanation, “I called them” he smiled, “I thought you could use some friends” For the first time, in what felt like far too long, I smiled. Descending the stairs, I was engulfed into a crowd of friends, all of which played a somewhat family role in my life. Twenty different people all trying to decorate one tree was interesting to say the least. ” said Sharon pointedly, snatching the ornament off him. ” called Anna throwing a bunch of tinsel onto the tree. But the hurt was always there- far away, almost forgotten. But given that she is already very disbelieving about their relationship, seeing him do, what appeared to be, something intimate with another woman, is going to make her pretty upset. But the fact that Gerard was kissing Emmy made things doubly bad for her. ” she asked eventually, slight amusement creeping into her voice. ” I jumped realizing she had in fact ask me a question and that I was being rude, “Of course” I said standing aside, I allowed her inside. I no longer felt any excitement at hearing her voice nor did I feel any desire as I let my eyes drift to her body. How many times had he told me my worry was for nothing? Patrick was back in New York and I had to record ‘ with he, Miranda and Jennifer. And that time is not over the phone when he has just broken up with his wife! Placing a hand on his chest lightly, I reached up and kissed him lightly, which I could feel worked to sooth him immediately.

🙂 I know I posted this a day early, but I couldn’t wait. And yes, I shall be going back to my normal blog scheduled of posting one chapter per week. I went to find Lucy awhile later after she had ran off, I had to go back and set things right with Emmy and possibly let Lucy cool off a bit. I wondered if Gerard would be up to meeting my family. The two of them immediately went to Patrick and congratulated him on the song. I had chosen the microphone closest to the door for a reason, as soon as Stan said “We Got It” I was out of that room.

A small smile tugged at her lips as her brown eyes met mine, “you were looking at me” she spoke with such conviction; there was no doubt in her mind. She thought all the love and adoration I had been portraying in the tapes had been for her, not Lucy. “No Gerard, its ok” she said, stepping towards me she placed her hand on my chest, but I again felt nothing, “I don’t have any doubts now” she said as her hand slid up my chest and cupped the side of my face, “I want to be with you” she said softly. Andrew had insisted that I spend Christmas with his family again, but I wanted to go back to Australia and visit Ben, Anna, my home and other friends. “ The way Patrick sung with such heart-ache, such passion. But the thought of what I had to say to him, that would certainly hurt him, made me feel so very guilty. “Hey” he said happily, smiling slightly, “Mind if I walk with you? Going over to my desk I glanced at the tickets I had brought for the two of us to go to Scotland for Christmas. She had broken whatever delusion there could have been for a relationship between her and Patrick. For some reason, that was such a huge relief, while she had assured me there was nothing between them, I knew there had been at one stage. And spent four days down in Melbourne catching up with old friends, family and of course seeing a musical!

Enchanted almost” she said, “And I knew you weren’t looking at her” Frowning I looked up at her in confusion, what was she talking about? “Emmy listen-” I began, intent on explaining what had happened in her absence, that I had fallen in love with another, but she cut me off. Whatever delusions she had about the two of us would never come to be. There was no sparks, no feeling of joy or excitement. And even though I didn’t respond in anyway, she pulled my closer, almost desperately, in an attempt to deepen the lifeless kiss. Though I would be lying if I said that wasn’t a factor. When I walked into the recording studio the high that I had been experiencing immediately dropped as soon as I saw Patrick behind the microphone singing. Putting my gaze to the floor I shook my head and pushed the door open and the two of us began walking. I was so wrapped up in her all the time that the thought of parting from her for the Christmas break seemed more like a curse rather than a blessing. I couldn’t get a hold of her and in my mind, she had been abducted by aliens or the Phantom of the Opera (lucky Bitch) and was either being Anal Probed or making sweet music babies with a masked man. So I left Sunny Queensland…why I still have no idea! I repeat DO NOT go bowling with friends you have not seen in ages because: A) I have no idea how to bowl and fall over B) They serve alcohol and I couldn’t bowl before-hand And C) what was a twenty-minuet walk to the hotel turned out to be an hour because your all so drunk you can’t walk straight.

It seemed to move even slower than usual, as if it took pleasure in my agony, my stomach fluttered as I watched the numbers tick by slowly. ” I remembered the key card she gave me and pulled it out slipping it through knowing that she would never let me in willingly. But now that she was gone and promised to be kept away, I felt as if a part of me had been ripped out. “Your confession doesn’t change a thing” he said harshly, “Now leave my office” I glared at him, angry beyond belief at not only him, but myself, before I left and stormed out of the building and began walking the boardwalk of Coney Island without ever making the conscious decision. I sunk to my knees and let the grief engulf me entirely. “It’ll never happen” she said firmly, obviously mistaking my excitement for shock. My music still remained a mystery to him, but at least he accepted that. “We usually just choose out of what’s playing” I said as I slid the key through the door, “Would you like to pick? I told him more about my life than I had ever told anyone. Even though I had known Andrew for years, I as if I had known Gerard for so much longer. ‘Just do it’ I thought, ‘like a band-aid, rip it off! There was Patrick staring down at me with unreadable eyes. Wrapping my arms around him, I tried to convey just how sorry I was as my tears continued to stain his shirt. Here I was, breaking his heart and he was asking me if was alright. I would understand if he never wanted to see me again. He would not be happy if I cancelled them to be with Patrick, “with Gerard” I added. Gerard The popcorn continued to pop in the microwave as I continued to pace around my hotel room. I had assignments due left right and center as well as exam cramming and such.

Panic gripped me as I ran into her bedroom to see it perfectly straight and to my despair-empty. ” The man at the counter seemed startled for a moment before he shook his head, “Sir she checked out nearly ten minutes ago” “Where is she going! “I…I don’t know-” said the boy at the counter, leaning away from me slightly, seeming scared. He could take my career, banish me from Hollywood, I wouldn’t care, as long as I had Lucy. As soon as I reached the end of the dock I gripping the railing in an attempt to hold myself up, but the hurt in my chest was too much, the pain felt as if it would crush me. The one girl who I had ever loved and I had no idea how to get her back. I didn’t know if Gerard had been planning this from the beginning, or made it up once he knew I felt something for him. “Oh I had to” she said flippantly, “Someone leaked the rehearsal videos and are sending in petitions to say that Lucy should play Christine instead of me” she scoffed. To play The Phantom to Lucy’s Christine would be a dream come true. He knew my story, not all of it but most, enough that he understood to an extent. ” asked Patrick as I stopped to open Gerard hotel room with the key-card he had given me. ” he asked as we stepped inside, “First I interrupt a date and now I get to choose the movie? I laughed as we rounded the corner into the main part of the hotel room, as I came around the corner I was still smiling, deliriously happy! We also had the tradition of going for a ride on the motorcycle up the coast every weekend. And it was through the talking that I was able to open up to him. How long I stood there I don’t know, but eventually I felt a tender finger placed under my chin and tilt it up. The way both he, Gerard and Andrew all seemed to hold me in such high esteem would forever baffle me. He laughed and placed a tender kiss on my forehead before he broke away, “What are you doing tonight? I balked, “Um…watching a movie” I had plans with Gerard. I smiled as I linked my arm with his and together, as friends, we walked up to Gerard’s Hotel room.

“I saw that look on your face” she said in the same accusing tone before her voice softened, “You looked like you were in love. “Emmy-” I began but he once again cut me off by pressing her lips to mine. “I don’t know” I answered honestly, “Andrew wants me to join this new production of he’s putting on as Christine” I rolled my eyes as I pressed the button, “But I don’t think I will” “Not wanting to leave Gerard? I turned to look at him, “Stage fright” I said firmly. You’d think it would get tiring, being so full of joy all the time. I walked with a bounce in my step that was unintentional, but impossible to stop. Walking out onto the balcony I glanced down at the pool, remembering when Lucy and I had taken a midnight swim there… I felt as if I had been sucker punched when I saw who was behind it, “Emmy? Second of all, Bayley Storme with MIA on me for a while (Miss In Action). A lot happier excuse than the previous ones but after not seeing my family for Six Months, suffering through a Phemonia and the stress of Uni and my two jobs (yes, I have two jobs now) I thought i was entitled to a little holiday. I was going to post it today, but this chapter is good. 🙂 But I did go and see a Musical, meaning I stage-doored, meaning I met some cast members who I may or may not have exchanged numbers with….

“I saw the videos Gerard” she said in an almost accusing tone. And Emmy, seeing the tapes, must have noticed this. I couldn’t actually remember ever being this happy. The streets were practically deserted and we walked in silence for a moment. I felt physically sick as I contemplated what I was about to do. He seemed not to believe me at first as a somewhat amused look came over his face. And seemed now, that all my hard-work was beginning to pay off as my only rival was no longer a rival. There was another two weeks of recording before we broke for the Christmas and New Year break before we all came back in early January to finish filming and re-dubbing the scenes. First of all, like I said, we hit a bit of a block in our sequel for this story: which has now been over-come and is flowing smoothly. 🙂 And finally, this last week, I have been on vacation. you shall have a new chapter by the end of the week. If not…well I will keep my little adventures to myself!

Anna stroked my hair in a motherly way and Ben simply listened, never letting my hands go. Andrew caught me in an awkward hug as my tears fell onto his shirt. “You were right” I cried, while it normally would have hurt to admit that I was wrong, I was in so much pain already, “You were right about everything” And with that I continued to sob loudly and relentlessly against his chest For now, Andrew didn’t need an explanation, though I’m sure one would be asked of me later. But I’m a classic theater girl, I like the realness of sets. So we decided to go and see if we could get some cheap tickets for Annie that afternoon- nothing cheers me up like a musical. My jaw dropped, my friend looked at me just as I had raised my hand and was pointing at the back of said bald head…then he was gone. What had originally been a 20minuet walk to the hotel ended up taking an hour because we were all so sloshed that we had to stop and dance every five seconds. –Poppy Patrick “I love you both so much” I told my boys sincerely as I hugged them tightly.

In a way it was refreshing, being able to let loose and talk about the pain that clenched at my heart. A sob racked through my chest, sending a fresh wave of tears down my face, before my legs buckled again and fell forward. The only real criticism I have about the show was that I hated all the projects used- they looked great, don’t get me wrong. So needless to say, despite the chocolate I got a little upset. Instead we went to the stage door thinking no one would be there but then…a bald head walked past. But then we discovered that this particular bowling alley served alcohol and…well it all just went down hill from there.

How I had broken all the ice around my heart and let him in… I found the story to be a bit abstract, but not too bad, I was able to follow it. Then I siad goodbye to my elder sister, who was heading back across the country and I have no idea when I shall be seeing her again. Then we got pictures and autographs, for which I did bumble and stutter like an idiot but C’MON! Now I sucked at bowling to begin with, fell over the first time I tried to throw the damn thing, then the second time I threw it into the wrong lane!

Because after what had happened, I wasn’t sure I Dun. The music, seeing as I had grown up listening to Cat Stevens because of my parents was quite good in my opinion, but even my best friend who had no idea who Cat Stevens was said she liked the music- so there you go. The next day my best friend and I went to a Chocolate Cafe for Lunch, Koko Black in Melbourne, you gotta go there peeps its delicious! If I can compare him to Australia’s other Phantom Ben Lewis, who has a very towering presence as the Phantom, Anthony has a very grounded and solid one. So after that excitement my best friend and I met up with some more friend and we went bowling.

“I came here to talk to you” she said suddenly, “about us” her voice took on such a formal tone I was almost as if she was talking about a business proposition and not an intimate and personal matter. When she sung, it was so disarming that I couldn’t help but be lost in her voice. So far, Gerard and I had been dating for six weeks and they had been six weeks of pure bliss! “No, Patrick listen” I said as I came to a stop in the middle of the pathway, he stopped somewhat abruptly and turned to look at me curiously. Closing my eyes, I let the words tumble out of my mouth uncontrollably, “I’m with someone else” Opening my eyes, I stared at him. Being with her whenever I wanted, how I wanted was heavenly. But I knew it mattered to Lucy, so I had been nothing but pleasant and had tried to prove, as much to him and myself, that I was good enough for Lucy. Please know that Bayley Storme and I feel terrible about this, but it has not been without reason. Meaning I had to call an ambulance because I couldn’t breathe and spend a week in hospital. I’m fine now my little Phantoppies so don’t fret your pretty little heads! 🙂 If anyone wants to hear about my Melbourne Trip, I shall post a blog about it.