That song can be applied to Meital Dohan, the stunning Israeli actress who is working these days not only in Israel, but also in New York and Hollywood.

As much as she is on the road, however, Dohan says she finds little difference among cities, at least from an acting perspective. “I’m trying to look at the content of the project, the themes, my character and the people I work with.

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“I think Jon is a wonderful, wonderful person,” Dohan says, “a very unique and sincere character and an actor with a lot of charisma and talent.” In addition, Dohan just completed work on the film “Monogamy,” which stars Rashida Jones (“I Love You, Man,” “Parks and Recreation”) and Chris Messina (the husband in “Julie and Julia”).

She says she can’t reveal any details about it before its premiere next year. I did it because I wanted to express myself — not because I wanted to be an actress.” The young Dohan must have had something going for her.

Her parents only entered her into Britain's Got Talent so she didn't feel left out after her older brother auditioned.

In the 1954 film “A Star is Born,” Judy Garland sings “Born in a Trunk,” a tale of the actor’s life on the road.

“Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant cities, especially in it’s nightlife, art scene and culture,” she says.

“Also, we should not forget that we are a leading force in innovative technology.

In 2000, she was voted most promising newcomer for her role in the Cameri’s production of “Best Friends.” Soon after, she starred in the Haifa Theater’s production of “Romeo and Juliet.” Dohan then caught the eye of acclaimed playwright Edna Mazya, who wrote “Bad Childrens” specifically for her.

In 20, Dohan earned back-to-back nominations for a best actress Ophir Award (Israel’s version of the Oscars) for her roles in “Giraffes” and “God’s Sandbox.” When Dohan speaks of those who most influence her work, she reveals a list of names as diverse and eclectic as her own career.

Hollie’s parents, Nina and Jason, confessed their daughter’s audition was an afterthought and revealed she nearly didn’t perform at all.‘We were taking Josh because we thought it would be more appropriate for him to get on and progress his career as a 15-year-old lad than a 10-year-old girl,’ Mrs Steel, a 37-year-old NHS audiologist, told the Mail.‘We weren’t really thinking about a career for Hollie at 10, but when she auditioned I could see the judges were a bit taken aback.’Mrs Steel said Joshua, 15, had asked if he could try out for the talent show.

When they agreed to let him take part, they decided it would only be fair to let his younger sister sing as well."She had a really bad cold and almost lost her voice," Mrs Steel said.

“I see actors as creators, and therefore I’d like to take wide examples from the art world, such as Andy Warhol, Madonna, Seinfeld, Woody Allen, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Gena Rowlands,” she says.