Ask yourself, how many girls do you remember being described as "the best ever"?

Think about all the websites visited whilst surfing on the internet.

The reality is that every establishment publishes strong statements about the girls they are promoting. But you switch off once encountering anything of the sort. These testimonials will assist in justifying such a comment, should any doubt its validity.

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From time I start this kinda work and still today I enjoy my work and always keep for try new things and learn more and I like enjoy meet new people. Aisha set herself yet further apart from her contemporaries.

Her unorthodox approach to offer an alternative to the tired, somewhat lacklustre, examples of current escort websites was much welcomed by punters.

She devoured me in the most passionate of DFKs, and shot me cheeky winks whilst doing hugely pleasurable things to me – a complete turn on! Her hair smelt fresh from washing, her skin soft and slightly damp. I put my hand up under her skirt to find she wasn’t wearing any….

She really gets me going and brings out a bit of the animal in me – I find her irresistible. that was enough to start me off and I got on my knees and lifted that tight skirt up to her stomach and got to kiss her couchie koo.” 06/21/2011, 2 hours incall, first-visit by Marshall1“This fabulous Thai fire-cracker is hotter than a Khao San Road red curry with extra chilli!

Difficult to say, because I’ve had some fantastic duo sessions, but this could be the BEST EVER! As I left I promised her I wouldn’t leave it 8 months again and I won’t.” 09/05/2011, 2 hours incall, return-visit by cuteman“Aisha is tiny, perfectly formed, with all the right curves and a very pretty face that becomes truly beautiful when she smiles, which she does often.

When you’re banging away at one, the other is all over your body, licking, sucking, caressing, massaging, tickling, tweaking – they REALLY did get me going and kept me outrageously hard all session (they are my Viagra 1 and Viagra 2! They are a totally mind-blowing PSE-GFE duo without equal in any Agency.” 02/10/2012, 2 hours incall, return-visit by Marshall1“Gorgeous petite, raven-haired Thai babe with deliciously soft, olive skin… Aisha manages to be both slim and voluptuous at the same time, don’t ask me how just go see for yourself. Of course once you’ve got your breath back and your legs work you’ll want to do it again …” 08/13/2011, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Worldpunter“Aisha greeted me wearing a white blouse and a black tight short skirt.

She only going be thinking about herself and worry only how she want make herself number 1. Not same I can say I am the best escort at Guitar Hero Metallica. A first for any Thai born escort in the UK, Aisha has earned an international following and a reputation as one of the finest in the business.

I be see many girl have this problem and after about 4 months maybe longer if them lucky they still popular. Them get confuse about why them doing this job and many them just don't enjoy work anymore because the headache them give themselve for try be number 1. Creating her very own uniquely fashioned website displayed an innovative and fresh take on an escorts agency.

She says: "Can't nobody be say this escort the best. They are a testament to a hostess like no other, one that has been more popular than any preceding her.