How do you explain to your employer that you didn’t film a sex tape when there’s a clip that convincingly shows your face mapped on to the body of a porn star who has at least a reasonable resemblance to you?

The law has only just caught up with the selfie culture and the pervasive nature of sexting, revenge porn and smartphones in every single person’s hand.

It’s probably time for the latest update to Andy Warhol’s infamous aphorism: In the future — the very near future — everyone will be an involuntary AI-enabled porn star for 15 minutes.

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But, it requires you have a Real Doll to get the full experience – and, these dolls can cost anywhere from $1,500 (for just the torso) to $10,000 depending on the level of customization Cam Soda has partnered up with Real Doll to make the most immersive VR sex experience yet.

Real Doll’s ‘love dolls’ will be equipped with what the firm is calling a ‘high tech male masturbator,’ to mimic the tactile sensations of real intercourse.

In the latest bizarre marriage of modern technology and adult entertainment, Cam Soda has unveiled ‘virtual intercourse with real people,’ which uses VR, ‘teledildonics,’ and high-tech Real Dolls to simulate sex with a live cam model‘Fans will now be able to interact with their favourite cam models in real time via live virtual reality while simultaneously feeling the sensations of actual intercourse via their Real Doll and teledildonic integration.‘Essentially, users will be able to live out their ultimate sex fantasies, and quench their immediate desires, in an immersive sensory environment that allows them to have real sex with virtual partners.’VIRP will work with many popular VR headsets, including Google’s affordable Cardboard design.

But, for the average viewer, this immersive experience still might be a bit out of reach.

The difference though, between you and I, and the celebrities who will now be spinning up their legal teams to issue takedown notices and get “deepfake” dirty videos of them taken down, is that we don’t have those resources.

It’s extremely difficult to get videos pulled down and they spread across sites with frightening speed.

Or the time you had a threesome with two well-endowed men who, as the porn parlance has it, ran a train on you? Thanks to an easy to use face-mapping app called Fake App, Reddit and the rest of the internet are awash with clips of practically any (usually female) celebrity you can think of, engaged in a cornucopia of curious sex acts.

You don’t need to physically be present anymore to be shanghaied into an involuntary career as a porn star.

The French government is already aware of the problems Nikita talks about.