This can involve modifying bodily appearance or functions through pharmacological, surgical or other means, provided it is freely chosen.

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The families of 44 crew members on board a submarine that has been lost for 16 days are demanding that Argentina's navy reverses its decision to stop looking for survivors.

The navy said that the search was no longer considered a rescue mission but it would continue looking for the missing sub.

Article 3 – In no case will it be needed to prove that a surgical procedure for total or partial genital reassignment, hormonal therapies or any other psychological or medical treatment has taken place. In relation to those persons younger than eighteen (18) years old, the request for the procedure detailed in Article 4 must be made through their legal representatives and with explicit agreement by the minor, taking into account the evolving capacities and best interests of the child as expressed in the Convention on the Right of the Child and in Law 26061 for the Comprehensive Protection of the Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents.

Likewise, the minor must be assisted by a children’s lawyer as prescribed by Article 27 of Law 26061.

Judicial authorities must express their views within sixty (60) days from the time they were required to provide their agreement.

Public health officials, be they from the state, private or trade union-run health insurance systems, must guarantee in an ongoing way the rights recognized by this law.Relatives of the crew met Argentina's defence minister and the navy chief on Friday at the sub's naval base in the coastal city of Mar del Plata. Captain Enrique Babi said on Thursday that he was ending rescue efforts for the 44 missing crew of ARA San Juan more than two weeks after it vanished.Search efforts will continue, he said, but are now solely focused on recovering the wreck of the vessel from somewhere on the sea bed.The procedures for amending the records as described in the current law are free, personal and do not require the intervention of any agent or lawyer. The effects of the amendment of the sex and recording a new first name/s according to the current law will create rights against third parties since the record is first made.The amendment in the records will not change the legal entitlements to rights and legal obligations that could have corresponded to the persons before the recording of the amendments, nor those derived from the relationships consecrated by family law at all levels and degrees, that will remain unchanged, including adoption.In the case of minors, the informed consent will be obtained following the principles and requirements established in Article 5.