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Now more than ever, if anyplace is offering a hot new camera for significantly less than you can get from the places in my text above, it's either a bait-and-switch if you're lucky, or a complete fraud if you're not. Otherwise intelligent people read this page, then see ads for the Nikon D300 for much less than $1,799 or a Nikon D3 for less than $4,999, and believe them. Photography is the international language, but English and US Dollars aren't. I have no experience buying there, although the FNAC stores in France had good prices when I was there.

The ads immediately to the right and at the bottom are not from my website, they come to your screen from 3rd parties, and could be places you'd not want to use. Any other ads you you see on this site I have not seen, I don't see them before they appear on your screen, and I cannot endorse them personally. Most US dealers will ship to Northern and Western Europe, but you'll have to figure out how to pay them in US Dollars.

Anyplace offering prices lower than Amazon, Adorama and B&H have always been a bad deal.

They prey on innocents by trying to sell you pieces that come included with your camera, like the charger, for hundreds of dollars extra.

US dealers rarely ship to places like Romania, since so many shipments get lost.

The Golden Rules: 1.) DO NOT EVER SEND ANYONE ANYTHING OTHER THAN A CREDIT CARD NUMBER TO PAY FOR ANYTHING ONLINE. Legitimate businesses take credit cards, and with credit cards you usually can get credited back if it was a scam.

They also try to switch you to high-profit-margin off-brand lenses like Sigma that they've deliberately overpriced, hoping you didn't research them.

It's not illegal, but these are not places with which an informed shopped would ever want to deal.

Mower Parts also carries a complete line of go-kart parts including roller chain, clutches, brake bands, engine parts, tires and more!