The demarcation between gender, sex, gender expression and orientation is also subject to constant historical and cultural shifts in perspective — the realisation that these are different things with only some overlapping points is slowly seeping into our modern narratives.

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Gender Bender often also changes DNA, thus allowing plots such as the now-biologically-male or now-biologically-female person being able to conceive a child, further complicating things. I mean, I don't want to offend you, but, you were born a man, weren't you?

Also contrast Easy Sex Change; though it has at least a of realism, it minimizes or ignores many physical, psychological, and/or social complications of sex change.

Although the original team was composed entirely of WASPs, as was typical of the time, the All-New, All-Different team of 1975 was incredibly diverse (and for the most part averting Captain Ethnic), and subsequent team makeups have kept this aspect.

Since it's debut, the comic has been a major allegory of civil rights, specifically the American Civil Rights Movement and, more recently, the LGBTQ Rights Movement.

In the center are Cyclops and Jean Grey, and Professor X. Mutants are humans who possess the "X-gene", giving them special superpowers and unique capabilities.

Said to be humanity's next evolutionary phase, their presence has generated massive dissension among humans thinking mutants will soon render them extinct.

Stereotypes and caricatures of trans women in the media can range from heavily masculine-bodied people wearing unflattering budget dresses and wigs, to highly attractive and feminine women whom men fear.

In live action movies, trans people are almost always played by either a cis man or a cis woman, as opposed to a actual trans actors, which doesn't exactly do wonders for visibility.

Also see Trans Equals Gay for common misconceptions.

Ambiguous Gender Identity is a trope for characters who may or may not be transgender.

See the Useful Notes on Transgender people for a more Real Life-oriented and complete description.