I’m unfortunately landlocked, so I had to make a fake location.

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And that's a labor of love in itself." However, I still have my doubts.

Here are the things that have my hoax-sense buzzing: 1) The site is registered anonymously.

[Spokesperson] Robert Atlas, swears it's not [a joke]: This is a real site.

We currently are in the process of migrating our servers to encompass all captains.

Playing coy does not get you a sea captain husband. I would have to make the first move and start up a chat.

Ladies, do you find yourselves home alone on a Friday night, staring wistfully out to sea? You’re going to have to sift through hundreds of poop-deck jokes and mermaid fetishes before you meet your true love.

Most recently, weighed in on the matter -- and they too decided the site seemed to be real, since they managed to contact a spokesperson for the site who, in turn, connected them with a woman who claimed she had actually been on a date with a sea captain through the site.

conceded that both the site rep and the woman could have been in on the gag, but noted, "if that's true, someone out there is trying really, really hard to make us believe that you can sign up to date sea captains on the internet.

A lot of marine biologists on there and people who sell boats too. We aren’t sure if they’re real, or trying to get out of the country.

Basically anyone who owns a boat calls themselves a captain. We’re a smaller site, so it’s hard to moderate some of of these accounts. I hate to make Hoyt’s job as a moderator harder, but I had to set up an account just to find out.

So after you make your account, you have the dashboard.