They stare at each other for a while DAN: Come here. She's completely lovable, and completely unleavable. ANNA: And you don't want someone else getting their dirty hands on her. Please remember our traffic tends to come from the right. He starts to walk off, then executes a semi-circle and returns.

ALICE: When he let me in downstairs, he had this look.

I have some vodka in the fridge; we could have a drink.

ANNA: I think you're the victim of a practical joke. LARRY: Where were you between the hours of and 7 PM?

LARRY: No, we spoke on the 'net last night ANNA: I wasn't on the 'net last night.

My mother's dead; my father and I came here the afternoon she died.

DAN: Well, I had dreams of being a writer, but I had no voice.

DAN: Well, if someone important died, we go to the deep breeze, which is a computer file with all the obituaries.

Make final changes, add a few euphemisms for our own amusement. DAN: "He was a convivial fellow," meaning he was an alcoholic.

--- Time jump --- London Sex Anon (some web chat thing) DDW: hello DOC9: Hi DDW: how RU?