Make your choice as to which test is best for your pregnancy.With the introduction of first trimester screening on the NHS many patients are not always informed of the ALL the options available to them for chromosomal screening.

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Almost everyone recognises the Nuchal Scan as a screening test for Down’s Syndrome however, the first trimester of your pregnancy should be seen as much more.

All women, whatever their age, carry a risk of delivering a baby with a chromosomal problem; the risk increases as the age of the mother increases.

For those women who cannot give a blood sample, for whatever reason, then Nuchal is the best option. This is my offers a multi-marker screening test for patients who have missed the window of opportunity for first trimester nuchal.

Genmark™ is the option for you in the second trimester and can be performed up to 20 weeks.

Parents will receive full counselling concerning the significance of their risk result and the options available should further testing be required.

It is important to note, that for an increased Nuchal measurement, the option to have a fetal echocardiogram scan (a fetal heart scan) can now be offered privately at Leeds Screening Centre.If necessary medication can be given to regulate the condition for an improved pregnancy outcome should early delivery be indicated.Between 11 – 13 weeks 6 days the best test is Addmark® as it detects the highest number of chromosomal affected pregnancies and puts fewer women at risk of an invasive procedure as the positive screen rate is low.Our expert service and the quality of care that we offer to our clients is paramount. Previously when the NHS only offered a second trimester triple or quadruple test the midwife or GP would usually give information about private first trimester screening options as it was seen as a far better test. Addmark®, developed by Professor Howard Cuckle, Mr Gerald Mason and his team, is still to this day a far superior test to the NHS combined screening in many ways.We consistently hear from our clients that their healthcare professional has told them that “the Nuchal test is available on the NHS now”, it is, but patients also assume that it is the same test as the Addmark® – this is not true.In requested cases we can also calculate the risk for Triplody and Turners Syndrome.