His mother who had a Dance Company and his father who was a drummer had a great impact on Lamman Rucker's life and his career choice.

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Lamman Rucker who started his career with As the world Turns and All My Children is an American Actor and entertainer.

He was born on October 6, 1971, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, to Malaya Rucker and Eric Rucker.

My guess is that God doesn't love me that much to bestow such a honor upon me. Photos of the beautiful and talented Jill Scott on the arm of Lamman, the only man I know who can wear the hell out of a Ranger's uniform, at the taping of the BET Honors ceremony (was I the only one who noticed they wore color-coordinated ensembles?

) last month had folks talking, speculating and wondering what was up with these two.

Since starting this blog and posting a number of posts related to actor Lamman Rucker, a couple of readers have often asked me if I know that fine piece of man on an up-close and personal level. Rucker will star alongside Angela Bassett and Rick Fox in Tyler Perry's new movie, Meet the Browns, next month.

Although knowing him personally would make me happier than a sissy with a bag of dicks, unfortunately, I don't know him like that (but I do know a couple of...nevermind). But that will not keep me from posting what's going on in Mr. Believe me when I say I am well aware that more than a handful of readers are avid Lamman Rucker fans, so it only makes sense that you all would become just a little bit interested in this brother's 'hobbies', specifically in the dating arena category.

Along with television series, Lamman has given some excellent performances in movies and short films.

The movies and the short film which helped him gain fame are The Temptations (1998), I’m Through with White Girls (2007), N-Secure (2010), No more Mr. He was recently seen in the movie Service to Man in the role of Dr. Lamman Rucker reportedly enjoys a splendid net worth of .1 million.

The same awards ceremony where she garnered the gold for 'Best Urban/Alternative Performance' for ?

And even if it turns out that she's not dating him, tough nookie(s) (whatever the hell that means), she still doing her.

This huge sum is garnered from his brilliant work in the movies and television series from nearly three decades.