Using any cheat puts your game save or even your game account at risk. One more matter to discuss - yes, I know that the name of the site is Super Cheats - and our stated position about not using cheats appears on its face to be something of an oxymoron and Catch-22. We are really not sure how and why this works, but we tested it, and basically if you start doing the gardening task then back out, change the language to French, and then go back to gardening and select the Lotus a PMV option, it somehow removes the cost associated with it, which is normally .99 cents.What that means is that you can play the Life Point Lotus mini-game in the Gardening Plot as often as you like, as much as you like, over and over, and thus bank a huge amount of . To test and verify this actually works (it did as of anyway) we created a brand new account on an i Phone 4 and then ran that account through the rather lengthy tutorial phase...

Sorry mates, but that is the way the large hooded executioner giggles. Redirected Server Hack Certain nefarious individuals have put up their own custom Free Play servers on the Internet.

An i OS device that has been jail-broken can have its routing file for the game altered to make use of these nefarious and illegal servers, which in turn (and depending on the "theme" or action-goal of the specific server) provide the player with access to much of the premium content at reduced in-game currency cost or no in-game currency cost.

Guest It took me forever to find someone who had it, but what you need is ......

Someone to go into their own town and go into the promotions building, its just below the park. They buy a fire hydrant (not real expensive) and they place it none of the yards of the homes they have an active sim "living" there.

-- some of these so-called free services are set up by crackers who, in addition to helping you cheat in your game, at the same time copy data from your device to their server including (but not limited to) any payment data (think credit card info) stored on your device, your email contacts, and personal information. Spoofed (Local) Server Hack This type of hack/cheat requires you to run a program on your PC with your i OS and/or Android device connected to the PC via the standard USB cable that comes with it.

They then use that data to empty your bank accounts, steal your identity, or even worse, download photos of fat girls riding clowns riding mini-bikes and then CC copies to all of the people you know thus outing you as a fat-girl-clown-mini-bike fetishist. Using the special program your PC poses as the official game server, and alters the rewards parameters so that you can increase the number of , and money you receive in the game for actions and tasks. Invisible File Editing Certain of the configuration and save files for the game as well as the innards of the OS and other apps on your i OS device are concealed in what are euphemistically known as "invisible directory trees" but are, in reality, simply directories you are not supposed to be able to see or access.

Players I have spoken to about this problem report that while the fix solved the clock issue, their Free Play it makes a lot of sense to cheat by playing the system rather than outright messing with it.

The Code Wizards at Firemonkey go on to say: "To minimize the chances of experiencing these problems, we recommend using your device's automatic time and date settings, as this will compensate for time differences in your game even while traveling." Just saying.

Personally although we verified that it does work, we do not recommend it.

There are a number of cheats that can only be performed on systems of the Apple type that have been subjected to a procedure that is called "Jail Breaking" and that, in effect, causes the lock that has been placed upon the system to prevent altering the codes that approve your service carrier - which while it allows the owner of the device to take the device to another service provider ALSO has the effect of giving access to previously restricted bits of the device.

so that the Task / Action is now completed, then collecting the gains and rewards, and rinsing and repeating.