The show ended in 2004 and has constantly been subjected to speculation over whether or not it could return for a feature film. “But even from a logistical purpose, it would never work, because everyone is on ridiculous work schedule, which is often the opposite of someone else.”Even aside from the scheduling worries, it seems the actual content of the film would also be problematic.“What's it going to be about? This is what everybody is forgetting,” the star went on.

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The movie doesn’t discriminate between gender or sexuality or size or race or whether someone’s pretty or not; everybody has trouble finding someone and they’re totally useless at trying to do it alone.

It’s not an easy movie to watch; it’s very violent, it’s often uncomfortable, and it doesn’t paint romance in the 21st Century in a very good light, but isn’t sugar coating anything.

Masturbation is strictly prohibited under penalty of hand-in-a-toaster.

People go to weird lengths to find someone, with Whishaw even resorting to bashing his nose in to make it bleed just to have something in common with a cute girl who has constant nosebleeds.

As a result, people cling to whatever tiny interest or quirk they might share with someone and build a whole relationship off of that.

The new absurdist romantic comedy takes the ridiculousness of dating in the 2010s as an adult and makes finding love not only a desire but a necessity, unless you want to be turned into an animal.

There’s nothing like Absurdism to completely skewer the preposterousness of modern life.

All of the characters speak very verbosely, but completely in monotone making them seem alien or robotic.

Relationships are hard, being alone is tough, and society doesn’t really help.