It can be so easy to get swept up in the care and needs of the children that you forget the care and needs of your spouse!

Here are 10 unique date night ideas that you can do from home while the kids are sleeping!

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If you want to participate, then you’ll have to beg someone else to do all the work! The first step is to hide all of the clues – and there are quite a few of them!

If you keep reading, you’ll start hearing about and seeing the solutions to the puzzles, so if you ever want to play yourself, stop now and pin this post so you can pass it on to your chocolate-loving friend later on! Hide them in clever locations , but don’t forget to put a few in more obvious locations, too – it’s no fun if your guests get super frustrated.

The kids are sound asleep and it is time to reconnect with your spouse after a long day!

Finding time for date night with your spouse when kids are in the picture can be TOUGH but it IS possible and it IS IMPORTANT!

We have 25 fun and sexy games for a date night with your spouse behind closed (and probably locked) doors! Start an intimate game for two, that will last the whole year.

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