While doing so, Alden spots him from a distance, and Buddy pretends he is performing a baptism.Buddy later inadvertently outs Russell to Russell's parents.On December 13, 2016, TV Land canceled the series after two seasons.

Kenny takes a third option and starts fighting Buddy. Kenny pulls a gun on Buddy and is shot and killed in the ensuing struggle.

Unable to simply leave the body, Buddy dumps Kenny in a local lake.

Alden becomes smitten with Ashlee, raising tensions in his stagnant marriage.

Alexa holds her annual charity fashion show and hurts Dora by mistaking her hand-knit ponchos for tablecloths.

He finds out the man was on his way to a new job in a small town.

When he arrives, Buddy learns Jonathan was not only supposed to be the new pastor at the town's Lutheran church but also was gay.Alden's suspicions are raised when a cop shows up saying there was a scrap of paper in the crushed car with the pastor's address on it.Later, Buddy learns that Leeane is holding a memorial service for him, and he sneaks in to see who attends.Garcia was tapped to play the role of Lee Anne, Buddy's bartender ex-girlfriend, that he left behind.Threatened by loan sharks and having been dumped by his girlfriend Leeane, slacker and gambling addict Buddy Dobbs decides to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge.In the morning, they lure Kenny to the motel, where Buddy lies and says he called Kenny's parole officer.