Friend 5 I feel I am inadequate to give life advice, as I don't yet know how to live my own life to improve myself.

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It's something I learnt so thought it'd be nice to share.

Friend 3 Cut down on the drinking and making questionable decisions when under the influence, as I'm not sure how much more the liver can handle.

We bring different sides out in each other and I know if I've got myself into a bad situation you'll be there to laugh with me and support me through it. Friend 2 You could stop attracting weird old men when we go out, because it's annoying. Friend 3 You could be more classy - the loud cackling and vulgar conversations in certain environments can be embarrassing.

Friend 4 I know it’s important to always give your opinion and to say what you mean but maybe sometimes you could just say what a person wants to/needs to hear.

Friend 2 We've been mates for 8 years and even I don't know how it's lasted this long.

Friend 3 We've been friends for 7 years now and I think it's lasted this long because we don't see each other all of the time, so when we do it's great.You're also quite quick to judge a person or a situation (however I do suffer from this problem myself) so maybe give people a bit more of a chance and have a little more patience with them.I think friend two and I may have our first argument now, she’s always the one attracting weird guys when we’re out.Turns out a lot of them think I need to head on down to my nearest AA meeting. You go for traditional pretty boys whereas I just go for people who are a bit weird and cocky.Friend 2 0 - Simply because you don't go for men you go for boys who look like they could be out of One Direction.Recently, there’s been an emerging trend in which men and women ask their previous partners to review what they were like during the course of their relationship or what they were like under the sheets.