Can you really afford to cling to past history at 3-4? At this point, other teams will begin cheerleading for CHENGRI-LA.With two full games up on the bottleneck at second place, the rest of the league may just hope you destroy the rest of the competition, and let the rest of us battle for the three remaining playoff spots.

MONEYBALLER put up respectable numbers against a doomed match-up this week.

It’s surprising Colston only put up 21.80 points in the Saints rout.

Yes, because on a bullpen phone, the names “Motte” and “Lynn” sound incredibly alike. From the Week #6 pick-ups, the big winner may have been FUNCTIONING DERELICTS scoring 26.24 points out of Roethlisberger in Week #8.

Meanwhile, BLINDSIDE TAYLORS inexplicably dropped Matt Bryant (13.00 points this week) in order to pick up the equally anonymous kicker Nick Novak (3.0 points this week).

It’s a shame that happened to Ernest Graham on Sunday.

Earlier this season, it also claimed the season for Lions RB Mike Leshoure, Panthers MLB Jon Beason, and Bills LB Shawne Merriman, among others.Luckily for you, they got some extra help from K Mason Crosby’s 18.00 points, because the rest of your starters did very (Greg) Little.Against the Monday night competition, RB Ray Rice did about as poorly as the CW Network’s “Hart of Dixie” …starring Rachel Bilson (the poor man’s Mila Kunis…who was rumored to have dated Packers QB Aaron Rodgers).In fact, the smartest pick-up the past few week’s may have been MONEYBALLER picking up Tebow in Week #5 before the Broncos’ bye week—although Tebow’s 22.94 fantasy points couldn’t lift MONEYBALLER to victory over yours truly.Yes, FLAMING BAG OF POO was this week’s upset special…racking up 134.02 points to win the week pulling away.At some point, QB Aaron Rodgers isn’t going to put up 26.20 points; although during his bye week, he’s probably still capable of 12.00 points.