If they did, I would then sell them on the vacuum after shampooing their carpet.After doing this for a month or so, shockingly I sold a vacuum to an Indian couple (I was surprised because generally Indians are cheap).At first, we struggled a bit just like most first-generation Indians.

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But after a week, reality kicked in, and they returned the vacuum.

Realizing that an average American could not afford to buy a $1,600 vacuum, I decided to look for other career opportunities.

My sister was working for an Oracle consultant locally, and she introduced me to him.

I found out that as an Oracle consultant, my sister’s boss was billing companies $125-250.00 an hour.

Entrepreneurship Growing up, I was always thinking about what I could do to change my lifestyle.

For years, I couldn’t come up with anything, but during my first year at John F. My cousin, who is a year older than me, was selling burned music CDs to students.

I saw that he was making a few bucks, so I started doing the same thing within my freshmen class, but I tried to be a bit more careful by not selling pirated media.

I quickly realized that I could only make a few dollars a CD, so as a more profitable venture, I started selling black boxes.

The Corporate Life Because my income from my businesses was not stable, I decided to get a “real” job.

I was only fifteen, and the only local place I could find a job at was Knott’s Berry Farm, in the park services department.

Business was booming, and I made a few grand in profit.