The banding report will be posted as soon as completed, hopefully by the end of this coming January.

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My mom and dad are 87 and 92 respectfully and they would certainly appreciate more time with us. Thankfully, all of the above reside in central Texas!

The bottom line is that due to these priorities and our ongoing construction (not yet finished), our banding program took somewhat of a back seat in 2016.

First, we decided it was time for some major improvements to our mountain property and make the move up there on a semi-full-time basis.

We opted to double the size of our main cabin and add a second structure that would serve to function as a family & personal guest cabin.

You can go to the Cornell Bird Cam web page for West Texas Hummingbirds at: Of course, the cam is not active during the winter months; however, here are some viewing statistics from 2015 and this year that you just might be impressed with.

Hummingbird loving cam viewers from Late in 2015 we decided to make some major changes in our life.

Here is my farewell picture of Bob holding a banded White-eared Hummingbird in Davis Mountains of west Texas in 2007.

We only have a couple of months to go on the current banding year.

Bob suffered several health setbacks this past summer and finally succumbed on September 7.