If you know for certain the update failed and the device is rendered unusable, you will need to restore the device with i Tunes.

Simply connect the i Phone or i Pad to i Tunes and then choose “Restore” from the options available.

You can check for 32-bit apps and i OS app compatibility if you are not sure which apps may or may not work with the latest i OS system software.

problems updating ipod touch to ios 5-66

Rarely, an i Phone or i Pad may fail during the actual installation of i OS 11 or another software update.

This is quite unusual, but when it does occur it’s usually pretty obvious in that the i Phone or i Pad will be stuck on an  Apple logo screen for many hours without a progress bar, or the device screen will be stuck in some otherwise unusable state with a completely black or completely white screen.

The popular 3D Touch multitasking gesture on i Phone was removed from the initial release of i OS 11 for some reason, but there’s good news: it will apparently be back in a future software update to i OS.

Be sure to follow up and install software updates as they become available to i Phone to get 3D Touch multitasking gesture back when it becomes available again.

If the device is not recognized by i Tunes, placing it into Recovery or DFU mode and then restoring may be necessary.

Some apps are not compatible with i OS 11 because they are 32 bit.

Some people report an i Phone or i Pad feels slow after updating to i OS 11.

Older devices in particular may experience some sluggishness after installing a more recent software update.

Some users may experience a “Software Update Failed – An error occurred downloading i OS 11” or “Unable to Check for Update – An error occurred while checking for a software update” or some variation of those type of error messages when trying to get the i OS 11 software update on an i Phone or i Pad.