Do the folks using that busted condom get tested for STIs immediately and again in six months, inform other partners who would be affected, and take steps to protect others at all times?

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If things go wrong, the consequences are not limited to the people directly involved but can ripple outward through several levels of relationship.

If a condom breaks, suddenly partner’s partners are figuratively there in bed, directly affected by what happens next.

If people leave or come and go for work, they bring diseases back to the group, and also never become part of the group in the same way. But I can see where the customs came from after reading up on it in detail.

Hi Lynne, That sounds extremely interesting, and somewhat unusual in that generally multiple partner marriages in Africa and elsewhere around the globe tend to be polygynous, or allow a man multiple wives but women are (at least in theory) monogamous with that one man.

I recently read up on their customs, and found that they essentially had a large group marriage, where girls start participating at the age of ten or so.

Even after marriage, polyandrous relationships occur. If a man is sleeping with another man's wife, he just plants his spear outside the door.

How You Do It When people have long-term poly relationships that work well for them, their lives tend to run fairly smoothly without a lot of drama.

By establishing boundaries that meet everyone’s needs, learning to communicate effectively, and consciously practicing relationships skills and techniques, these poly folks are able to maintain lasting, loving, and satisfying relationships.

Monogamy – especially practiced as serial monogamy and/or cheating – is far more popular in the US today than is any form of openly conducted non-monogamy.

Even among non-monogamies, swinging is far better known and much more common than polyamory.

The people involved in the relationship and the forms that polyamorous relationships take shift far too often to fit this version of working.