A real hacker would not use their own personal IP and there is no guarantee that the IP will always remain with an unscrupulous user. Be aware if you block a not-so-bad country just because you think they are irrelevant to your traffic, you may have users using proxies or VPNs in that country.

It is also a losing game because there are over four billion IPv4 IPs out there and no easy way to segregate them by country.

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If you run a website, then by default it is accessible to the whole planet.

Many websites are simply not relevant to people in other countries.

Approximately 50 to 100 brute force attempts at ‘guessing’ the passwords to legitimate user names comes from Chinese IP addresses every day on this site.

The difference between 1.9 million pages and 134,000 pages is pretty large, and 1.86GB of bandwidth is not the end of the world.

Just because an IP is from China, it doesn’t mean blocking that IP will do a lick of good in the long run.

Web admins will rarely block an IP simply because that IP did naughty things once.The same argument can be used for fancy restaurants, resorts, car rentals, commuter services and so on. ) whether blocking particular countries will benefit you or not.Below are many of the common ways to block countries, with some pros and cons and code samples.These might be a Digital Ocean Droplet or a bare metal server from In Motion Hosting or Rackspace for example.Often when you buy a bare metal or VPS, you do not get to change how the back end is routing.The site does not even offer Chinese translation or speak to Chinese issues.