the Sony 90mm macro lens gets in the way of the strobe when on camera.

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I did keep it because I figure on eventually filling out my Sony system with one of their MIS Strobes.

I'm trying to build a decent travel kit without hauling around my a Nikon B8000 and all it's lenses and I like doing macro work where having the strobe a little off camera is a must.

There are numerous other third party off camera hot shoe-cord combinations for other cameras, many of them well below $$for the entire package, some with longer cords, unfortunately none for the Sony multi interface shoe, yet. I bought this before receiving my new Sony A6300 camera because I was under the impression that the camera hot shoe would not trigger basic non-MIS strobes such as Nikon SB800 and studio systems.

As it turns out there IS a center pin on the camera shoe that does provide basic sync functions so I didn't really need this item for immediate needs.

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Neither camera shoe nor this allow non-MIS strobes any sort of communication nor automatic TTL capabilities so your old strobes will need to be used manually which is okay for me because I usually just use the built in strobe on the camera for point-and-shoot applications.