Being able to make a playlist fans love is now an important part of being a musician.

Because of this, it’s also changing life for music fans.

Though Professor Burns said she was not convinced that Facebook is listening in on conversations – it may have been that she was searching for the same things that she chose to discuss around the phone – but she said that it wouldn't be a surprising move from the site.

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Imagine taking a killer playlist you made and hosting one of these ‘concerts’ for friends who are too far away or busy to chill in person.

Somebody could be at home in their room, somebody could be at a coffee shop with a tablet and headphones, and somebody could come through real quick with their phone while on a road trip.

After Lorde’s album came out recently, a lot of people were also talking about how much they loved her playlist. Basically, thanks to social media we get albums from our favorite artists, plus we also get the songs that inspired them.

It’s a pretty awesome way to discover new music, especially considering that for most of us the old way meant going to our friends’ houses and listening to actual CDs.

My friends and I did this recently, and one of our crazier friends got kicked out of a coffee shop for holding up a real lighter in front of the screen, like it was a real concert.

Being able to see his face as it happened was priceless. With Airtime, you don’t miss out on stories like that one.

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The site promotes the feature as an easy way of identifying what you are listening to or watching, to make it easier and quicker to post about whatever’s going on.