I hope to be an actress and a guitarist in a band and live in Hey ya’ll whats up this is your boy Jerome Jackson aka Lil‘Jerome I have a new album coming out called Lil‘Jerome and with my hit single can’t stop me its a really hot song I have another song called I can’t be stopper feating yungleon the boy that I have on the song is mexican and he can rap and flo and right now were trying to work on both of our albums they probably be done in another month so see ya if you wanna talk you can hit me up at [email protected] you Hi I am 12 years old. I’ve never seen such bad spelling before in my life? My Famous anme would be “Nickle” and when they would intro me they would say “hey Nickle” and I would say “” did You just call me Negro??? i’ve tried so so so many things, but since i live in such a small town, i cant find anything!!!! You taunt me with your youthful dreams of freedom and insecurity! :)Please anybody out there who can help me become famous Jojo became famous and shes 14 iwant to become a singer im not going to lie i can sing very very well i wanted my dream to come sence i was 7 years old .

I just really want to sing and nobody is going to stop me because it is something I have always wanted to do. I wanna be famous so I could live dream my niece got sick a cell and im prayin damn lord jesus please help here get well sit beside her in the hosiptal bed as I could remeber the words she said my eyes getting heavy and damn there if I cry even dough im hurt I pray to I want to be a famous singer. I think I would make good amount of money if my idea is good enough for the citezen‘sof the universe! I wish i could become very famous I would be a very good actor I am 14 I with a pretty face slim and I wish I could be famouse and meet lil romeo and bow wow a lot of famouse people influenced me to be an actor.

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I love to sing and dylan and cole sprouse are awsome i wish that i could be there friends or more like girl friend but they already have girl friends the 2 girls who are they girl friends are so lucky i wish thati could be famouse not just cuz to be ritch i think that it will be fun I admire Britney Spears a lot! I have always felt as a child, I had and still have the quality of becoming a great singer, I feel that not many have heard my voice, and have been advised to go to a open mic night. I have wanted to be a singer since I was really young. Can I please just see you people and try to adition for you? I’ve always wanted to be a singer at a young age and thats my only dream, so please help me succeed in that dream.

To be able to thank god and thank all my fans Love: Shasha aka Young Siara How about joining an agency just like mary kate and ashley? but agencys only take in people with expirience so make sure you have got portfolios such as: videos of you i productions, photos, clippings out of news papers and other things of u!! I am already rich and famous you sad bitches “ooh I wanna be rich” Fuck all of you sad saps, why don’t you just get jobs, save your money, starve yourself become homeless, and maybe in about your whole life times you would earn 1000,00’s ha! If I was to be a singer I would help my family with there rent and bills.

I also want to have my own Show and Sing I am A great singer! If you know anyone like this please get them to call me. Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to be famous or become an actress. The Title of my book is I would love to be famous because I will try my best for the better.

I never had training or anything but I would like to start searching for more things to do to help gear me in the right direction. I have been singing and dancing with my friend (Kennesha) sence I was 5. Really I’m not crazy to be famous, but I know I have lots to give to the world only if someone would give me the chance. I know I can handle the hard ships of being rich and famous. I would love to be famous because I will try my best for the better.

I just want to sing so much because I love to sing. I have wanted to sing since the first time I heard that is another big influence in my life. in it I also wan’t to event the cordless internet Modem by having a little chip on the end of the cable modem and a little chip inside the hole were the cord is suppose to be. Call me if u need a 14 yrs old actor cause me&my mom think i would be very good and a big hit to hollywood if I was to become an actor.

I just wanted to be like my cousin because he is a famous country singer and that is my influence. Hilary if u read this e-mail me at [email protected]!!!!! if any one can mke my dream come true please e-mail me! Shes so young and so talented all at the same time. I’ll be waiting, I wish i could become very famous I would be a very good actor I am 14 with a pretty face slim and I wish I could be famous and meet lil romeo and bow wow a lot of famous people influenced me to be an actor. Then you’ll have exactly what you always wanted – your face on TV. If only we could enforce IQ tests before allowing web access? i have a great vocie but i need help getting famous because i’m shy, so it makes it harder.i’m 12 and loving it please help if you can. Anyways, I think this shows exactially where our school systems are coming to… All of you just keep praying and it may just come true. I really,really want to become I have been acting four six years since I was seven please help me to become rich and famous. I need a change in my life people say don’t become foamous it will change your life. I can sing very well and i ahve been in many shows, i went for an audtion for Mary Poppins to play Jane but i was ill on the day so i lost my choice. I want to be famous I look in the newspaper for auditions for movies and stuff and i found 1 but I had to miss it because I had to go somewhere. I would do any thing to get a chance just one little chance I’m 14 years-old and this is how my life gose. Just leave your phone number, address etc here, like the other 12 year old girls, claim to have a “pretty face“, get stalked and finally murdered. I could be a really strong singer if I was given the chace but I have never been given that chace that I am looking for. my mom is having a third baby and i’m the oldest so it’s very hard to get a good chance to become famous. I read about halfway, and I swear, some people really are just dumb… My old singing teacher said i was brillaint but i want to fullfill my ambition! If you think my Idea is good then email me at [email protected] call me at 410-679-4953 Thank you! Call me if u need a 14 yrs old actor cause me&my mom think i would be very good and a big hit to hollywood if I was to become an actor.I am 11 years old and I have been trying so hard to get famous. My friends that heard me sing said I have a good voice. I’m in a dance class, well I really dance to music in the dance class. Look at the majority of people that are famous and ask yourself; did they write on a message board crying out that they really wanted to be famous? So why don’t you just go out there do your stuff and if your destined fame will come to you!! It says nowhere that this is the place to flaunt your crappy, undeveloped talents. You dont have to make me famous I just want a reply from someone who can hepl me!!! Even when i was younger i could always sing, and i love to perform.I do everything in my school like plays and i am going out for guitar lessons. If you want to hear me and you are Hollywood records or if you are Jesse Mc Cartney then email me at [email protected] I’m Allyson and I want to become famous I’m a great actress and I’m really smart my first B (which is really unusual)I’m already kind of rich, but I don’t care. Work hard, do something useful, then Maybe you fame seeking whores would get a lot further along with your amibitions if you learnt how to spell correctly! i’m just perfect for the job to b/c i can hit the notes like christina agulara and kelly clarkson, and i’m able to soften my voice too. Oh ya and i want to say Waz up Jo Jo, Your my hero! And the people who are incharge, I’ve tried so hard to make it, And if you even just right back on this web site, it would be great!But I can’t seem to get any farther in my music carrear. We don’t have lots of money and I can’t get a job because I’m only 13. I love all you guys, please support me because I think I’ll be your next new celebrity! I like to sing and dance but I stil would like to act I have been wanting to act ever since I was 5 I’m 12 now everytime I watch a movie I think about it I even dream about how life whould be if I were famous I think about it more than any body I now I so badly want to be famous I love 2 sing everyone says i have a great voice, my 1 wish is 2 have my own band so me and my friends can share our talent with everyone please if u know how 2 get me and my friends famous or 2 atleast let ppl here our voice e-mail me at: [email protected], i dont wanna come rich just 2 have my own band! But I pay no mind its my dream and I am going to succeed but I need your help to do it. But you know what it dose‘nt matter what they think. We are both currently taking singing lessons from a professional singing instructor.y I would enjoy being a Christian singer. We are both currently taking singing lessons from a professional singing instructor. I’ll tell you now that i am currently writing a script for my book that i hope to publish early, 2006.