References to pet hates, bad experiences and evil exes are out.

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I meet about ~60% of my new friends and ~90% of my new romantic partners via online dating sites. The people you want to date are real people, so treat them that way.

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes before writing the message.

Admittedly they might not start off as gushing billet doux, but when you start communicating with possible partners, you have to remember that you could have each other at “Hello [smiley emoji]”.

The first messages are packed with potential – it’s incredibly exciting, and slightly scary.

Anyone who does any online dating knows that the messaging system can be harrowing.

Whether it’s unsolicited dick pics, brilliant one-liners that just say “sup?

”, or just never getting a response, the back and forth of messaging on dating apps and sites can get exhausting.

Luckily for you, however, there are ways you can fill out your online dating profiles that will ensure you actually get messages and, if you’re really on it, good messages.

“You get the same point across while making your profile about what you are, rather than what you are not.”“While it’s cool that you’ve traveled a bunch, or lived in a few different cities, you are more than just where you’ve been,” Figueroa says.

“Include the places you’ve lived or traveled to as conversation starters if you’d like, but travel or living in random cities is not a substitute for personality.

I asked Figueroa if it’s even worth it to craft a great online dating profile, considering how stressful it can be."Online dating can be hard, but what makes it worthwhile is how it allows you to broaden your dating opportunities, in a really convenient way," Figueroa tells Bustle.