In August 2016, Microsoft released a refreshed Xbox One model, Xbox One S, which has a streamlined design, support for 4K video playback (including Ultra HD Blu-ray), upscaling of games from 1080p to 4K resolution, as well as HDR10 high-dynamic-range color.It was praised for its smaller size, its on-screen visual improvements, and its lack of an external power supply, but its regressions such as the lack of a native Kinect port were noted.

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Microsoft also stated that publishers could impose restrictions or activation fees on second-hand copies of games.

Game Spot editor Tom Mcshea went on to say that Microsoft had become anti-consumerist, trying to "punish their loyal customers" with strict restrictions, and that "by saying no to the used game restrictions and always-online that Microsoft is so happily implementing on the Xbox One, Sony has elevated the Play Station 4 as the console to grab this holiday season." Xbox Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Mehdi explained that the system was built with digital distribution in mind, but that Microsoft wanted to maintain the availability of games on physical media.

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Xbox One received mostly positive reception for its refined controller design, multimedia features, and voice navigation.

Its quieter and cooler design was praised for making the console more reliable than its predecessor on-launch, but the console was generally criticized for running games at a technically lower graphical level than the Play Station 4.

Its original user interface was panned for being nonintuitive, although changes made to it and other aspects of the console's software post-launch received positive reception.

Its Kinect received praise for its improved motion-tracking accuracy, its face recognition logins, and its voice commands.

Moving away from its predecessor's Power PC-based architecture, Xbox One marks a shift back to the x86 architecture used in the original Xbox; it features an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) built around the x86-64 instruction set.