To do this you’ll need to take your old handset and go to Whats App Settings, Chats, Chat Backup and then tap Backup Now.On your new handset, reinstall Whats App, confirm your phone number (which has to be the same as the one used on your old phone) and you will be prompted to restore your chat history.Now, on the new phone, verify your Whats App account with your phone number.

You will want to ensure you have Google Drive installed (and logged into the same Google account) on both new and old Android phones.

Now open Whats App on the old Android phone, tap the three dots in the top right corner and choose Settings. Select Back Up to back up your Whats App chat history to Google Drive.

The conversation archive tool displays your conversation history starting with your most recent conversations.

Choose to see all conversations, or filter by instant messages, SMS messages, conference messages, all calls, video calls, voice calls, or phone calls. Use the search box to find a specific conversation, or click Load more contacts below the conversation list to display older conversations.

That’s changing on June 26th, when anyone still using Gchat will be forcibly transitioned over to Hangouts.

It’s not a major change for most — there will still be chat built into Gmail, contacts will transition over, and Google has been trying to get people to switch over to Hangouts for the last years, so maybe it’s time for Talk to go.

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Also see: How to back up i Phone The easiest way to back up and restore Whats App messages between Android phones is to use Google Drive, since it's a free app that's available to all Android phones.

You can also use an SD card if one is installed in your phone, but do so only if that SD card can be inserted to your new phone also.

Those I reached out to with friendship requests accepted immediately and wrote me such encouraging messages to welcome me to the site. Happy I Found This Site"Hi I have just started here on SC and am happy I found this site, I love to sit back and chat and also I like to just sit back and look at others chatting and discussing topics, at times I would put my six pence (figure of speech) in lol,any how so far everyone here is very enjoyable and pleasant to chat with,right now am going through different areas and learning more each day,once again am happy to be here ." Dumplin Still not convinced?