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This is an article from the September issue of the all-new Infowars magazine, free hard copies of which will be available throughout Austin.

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Mainstream news is also dying online – this is why we are able to dominate them with film, videos, and our news websites.

Print is impervious to a government kill switch and any other electronic scheme designed to shut down areas of the web the government wants censored.

For those whom I have let down, I'm sorry.'Republican House Speaker Clifford Rosenberger said he learned Tuesday that Goodman had engaged in 'inappropriate behavior related to his state office.''I met with him later in the day where he acknowledged and confirmed the allegations,' Rosenberger said in a statement.

'It became clear that his resignation was the most appropriate course of action for him, his family, the constituents of the 87th House District and this institution.'Goodman is a self-identified conservative christian who previously worked as a congressional campaign staffer to Republican US Rep Jim Jordan.

We oppose the persecution of people for religious or cultural reasons. and Prison, our flagship websites, are rated by and similar metrics that gauge web traffic as the top alternative media site in the world. News via print is dying as a result of a perfect storm.

People are abandoning corporate newspapers and print publications and instead are flocking to the web as so-called mainstream newspapers just regurgitate corporate and government talking points.

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Then on Monday, Senate Democrats' chief of staff, Michael Premo, resigned abruptly over unspecified allegations of inappropriate conduct.

His single-sentence resignation email provided no details.

Kindle recently demonstrated how it is possible to remove content when it invaded privately owned devices without permission or warning and deleted ebooks.