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“I put that on my six kids.’’ Sapp did admit that he gifted NFL Network “makeup ladies” sex toys, but excused it as a joke, and contended Cantor never received one.

She alleged he gave her sex toys three years in a row for Christmas. ” Sapp said on Twitter, adding a picture of the miniature sex toy. Nothing to do with Sex,” Sapp continued in defense.

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The former NFL Network analyst implicated in the lawsuit filed by a former wardrobe stylist at the network responded Wednesday, saying this “ain’t no #Me Too,” that he never urinated in front of her and never gifted her sex toys — though he did gift other staffers “cute” vibrators.

Sapp also denied showing the accuser nude photos of women he said he has slept with, though he said he may have showed her pictures of his girlfriend in a bathing suit.

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