the archaeological evidence from there is very difficult to interpret owing to the surface erosion that has taken place, but it seems likely that occupation continued very much later - even if the centralized administration associated with royalty may have come to an end.The conventional view has been that the Meroitic state was dealt its final blow by an expedition of King Ezana (Aezanes in Greek [probably since this time the name Eritrea exist, Eritrea means the land on the redsea which come from the latin of europe]) of Aksum at some time close to AD 350.The reason for their flight was race requested has at that time in Tigray, that all Tigrinya-muslims your belief to change and to suppose believe that Christian-orthodox because it feared an Islamisation of the community.

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Two of these are described as riding on camels, and a priest from whom a silver crown and a gold ring were taken was also killed.

The troops of Ezana then attacked both up and down the Nile from a point neat the junction of the Nile and the Atbara, and at this Junction Ezana erected a throne, presumably similar to stone platforms known from the neighbourhood of Aksum(Axum).

Ezana states the countries over which he claimed to rule, including some in South Arabia, such as Himyar and Saba, and some in the neighbourhood of Aksum, such as Bega and Kasa (presumably Kush or Meroe), thus implying that he already controlled it.

The inscription then describes the campaign and says that Ezana 'took the field against the Noba, when the people revolted', and 'when they boasted, "he will not cross the Takazze"', and when they made attacks on identified neighbouring peoples - the Mangurto, Hana and Barya(Baria) - and plundered envoys sent by Ezana.

Since there were two levels of building above the spot at which the coin was found, it provides some evidence for occupation into at least the later fourth century.

There is also a graffito on the wall of the chapel of pyramid N.Alula schemed however against it and Ras Woldemichael Salomon(Solomon) attacted into an ambush, therefore was Mereb Milash leadership loose and it ignite renewed a brother war terrible between Hazega and Zehassega, for itself the Italians too would use made in that it with Ras Alula support that highland Eritreas incorporated itself.After a multitude of fights, contracts and intrigue, at which England, Egypt, the Osmanic empire, Italy were involved and out of Ethiopia emperor Johannes 4 and the later emperor Menelik, Italy established at that 1.The evidence for this expedition is to be found in an inscription at Aksum written in Ge'ez, which describes an Aksumite campaign in the Island of Meroe, though there are a number of varying interpretations as to the nature of the campaign and the situation at Meroe at the time.The text itself begins with the protocol normal in Aksumite inscriptions of this period.Tigrinya Translator / Translation for Eritreans(Eritrea, Eritrean) and North-Ethiopians(Ethiopia) contact phone number - Germany - 49 152 - 172 907 47 If you dont see the Tigrinya, words please download the free geez font.