For one, the drink was soooo cheap- a double vodka with coke only cost £1.57- and periodically throughout the night, the bar staff would shout ‘free shots!’ at which point people would gather round the bar and wait their turn as one of the staff would pour a shot directly from the bottle one by one into each person’s waiting open mouths.

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What’s more, even when chilling out in the tv room one night, myself and Javier were surprised to see one of the guys from behind the bar peer his head round the door only to very politely ask ‘ erm, excuse me for interrupting your film, but would anyone like a free shot? ’ and he proceeded to go round each of us in the tv room pouring shots into our mouths as we laid like kings on our respective beanbags!

Another one of the Wild Rover’s perks was that every night had some sort of ‘theme’ or fancy dress requirement- and guests were welcome to use costumes from the Wild Rover fancy dress cupboard if they did not happen to have their own; on one night I was there, there was a ‘superheroes’ theme and on Valentines night, people were asked to wear colour coded dress- red for ‘already taken’, orange for ‘maybe’ and green for ‘single’.

Apparently the location of Route 36 changes every few months so as to avoid being shut down by the police, since of course cocaine is still very illegal in Bolivia too.

Nevertheless, Javier, Aled and I (and the rest of our group) made our way there simply by asking the taxi driver outside our hostel to ‘take us to Route 36’.

As soon as I arrived in La Paz, I could feel the effects of the 3650m altitude- not only was carrying my backpack downhill much harder than usual, but just simply breathing felt like a laborious task.

Thankfully, I had taken the decision to go to a quiet hostel (Pirwa Hostel) for the first night in the city to avoid overdoing it with the potentially lethal combination of ‘excitement’ and altitude.

and sure enough, that night- after a few hours of drinking shots that were being poured into our mouths by the male barstaff dressed in women’s clothes with their balls on show- a gorgeous and very forward Brazilian guy (who seemed to come out of nowhere!

) ensured me and him conformed to that very stereotype as we ‘spent the night’ in my dorm as other people were sleeping.

It was only when I started to pick up the pace and ducked into a pizza shop that I finally lost him- phew!

The next day I rocked up to Wild Rover Hostel full of anticipation, I had heard that it was not only the best party hostel in La Paz, but in the whole of Bolivia, What’s more, I had heard of people checking into Wild Rover for only a couple of nights that ended up staying for three weeks due to them enjoying it a little ‘too much’!

Needless to say, that night’s ‘canchas canchas’ with the Brazilian was definitely the topic of conversation between myself and Javier over breakfast the next morning!