As for his head coaches, Johnson has created a pendulum.He started with a players’ coach (Herm Edwards), turned to a disciplinarian (Eric Mangini), went back to a players’ coach (Ryan) and back to a disciplinarian (Bowles). The Jets haven't left that schoolyard, though now they're being taunted and shunned, not good enough to get into any of the games. After six straight years out of the playoffs, three seasons with double-digit losses, two regime changes and one year of Tim Tebow, the Jets are regarded by some experts as the worst team in the NFL. So low that members of the 1996 Jets, who finished a franchise-worst 1-15, are getting asked by friends if the current team could pull a '96.

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Sanchez fizzled after a promising start, Smith got punched out by one of his teammates and Fitzpatrick, after a career year in 2015, imploded after the most bizarre contract dispute in recent NFL history.

The Jets have drafted six quarterbacks since 2009, one more than the Cleveland Browns, for crying out loud.

In contrast, Tom Brady has been in the same system for 18 years.

The new hope is Hackenberg, a second-round pick in 2016.

One thing they have in common is their defensive-minded coaches, but that's curious, because of the team's perennial struggles on offense and inability to develop a franchise quarterback.

Mangini, for one, felt he had the franchise moving in the right direction, saying, "I know when I left there, that team was really good and they were disciplined and they had high character and they knew how to work." But he got fired when the team collapsed down the stretch of a 9-7 season in 2008, in large part because Favre's arm was injured.

Oh yes, they were hot stuff in 2010, when they reached the AFC Championship Game for the second year in a row.

It's not far-fetched, considering they're not favored in a single game this season, according to ESPN's FPI.

The moves sent shock waves through the building and were seen as salary dumps, a transparent attempt to save money ( million) while positioning the Jets for a high pick in 2018."If you want to go to the promised land, you have to go in a certain direction," Johnson said during the offseason.