has a controller that lets you decide how warm you want to be at any time.

We welcome the idea of partnerships with brands in the outdoor, performance and lifestyle space." and Twinery As the innovation arm of MAS Holdings, Twinery has over 30 years' experience in designing and developing groundbreaking solutions for active wear, apparel and other soft goods.

Twinery's portfolio includes Thinx, Icon, Become, Athos, and LUMO Run – the first wearable sensor and app that analyzes your running form and offers real-time audio coaching to help you meet your goals. is revolutionary active heating technology that lets you control your personal micro-climate.

And now, with its new electronic brain Core Infinity and Devialet OS, Expert Pro enters a new world of infinite possibilities with new streaming features. Expert Pro advanced online Configurator allows you to tweak your system settings to your slightest preference. From input and output definition to the exact specs of your phono cartridge, build your very own bespoke audiophile system.

Over 60 awards later, Expert Pro remains the world’s most critically acclaimed audio system. Our integrated and infinitely upgradable architecture seamlessly adapts to fit your exact system and speaker model. Cut from a single block of aluminium, Expert Pro combines extreme refinement and optimal thermal management. Expert Pro features state-of-the-art technologies ranging from ADH analog-digital hybrid amplification, SAM real-time speaker matching and free EVO updates to AIR HD streaming, DAC Magic Wire and RAM dynamic phono staging. Based on an advanced mathematical model of your speaker profile, SAM® enables Expert Pro to tailor the signal to your model’s precise requirements. Devialet engineers are currently travelling the world to ensure your speakers are SAM-ready.

Twinery is at the forefront of material technology and created to provide the first completely washable, super lightweight, cost-efficient and reliable active heating solution that is completely seamless (integrated directly into the apparel itself).

The technology is not even visible to the naked eye.

STEREO Our three fully configurable stereo systems, the Expert 130 Pro, 220 Pro and 250 Pro feature all the latest Devialet audiophile technologies: ADH, SAM, AIR, EVO, DAC Magic Wire, RAM and Core Infinity. Together, they changed the face of sound amplification. Ever since, Devialet has remained the world’s most critically acclaimed start-up in sound innovation.

So you can reach unthinkable performance, whatever the configuration. Choose between 440 Watts or 1000 Watts per speaker. It began with three visionaries and a revolutionary hybrid invention.

Unique to Expert Pro, our fractal architecture lets you endlessly tailor your audiophile system.

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For anyone living in a cold weather climate, a lightweight heated jacket can transform your life – i.e.