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As we know that for V, an N-type inversion layer, connecting the source to drain, is created.

In each of the schematic symbols, the arrow points to this inversion layer, which acts like an N-channel when the device is conducting.

E-Figure shows the construction of an N-channel E-MOSFET.

The main difference between the construction of DE-MOSFET and that of E-MOSFET, as we see from the figures given below the E-MOSFET substrate extends When drain is applied with positive voltage with respect to source and no potential is applied to the gate two N-regions and one P-substrate from two P-N junctions connected back to back with a resistance of the P-substrate.

Depletion-mode devices are normally ON when the gate-source voltage V is controlled by the gate voltage.

The characteristic curves have almost vertical and almost horizontal parts.

minority) charge carriers within the substrate are attracted to the positive gate and accumulate close to the-surface of the substrate.

As the gate voltage is increased, more and more electrons accumulate under the gate.

If you notice the same thing, switch to something really hot!