But when my girl asked me to go with her to a concert, I said yes. We had nosebleed seats, but I loved seeing her have a great time.

Remember the days when you would read bedtime stories together?

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Just because your little one is growing up doesn’t mean it has to stop.

Choose a book to read at the same time and create your own book club.

Remember the kind of pictures you actually held in your hand? Take some time as mother and daughter going through them together. This can be done when daughters are small or even older.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll relive some wonderful times together. Grab your girl and head out to the best ice cream place in town. Then you can pull it out 10 years later and reminisce. You don’t have to be ready for “America’s Got Talent” to enjoy a night of singing.

Then order the biggest sundae you can with all your favorite toppings. Remember: Road trips are all about the actual trip and less about the final destination. Throw caution to the wind and go out for a little karaoke as mom and daughter.

You may surprise everyone with your incredible mother-daughter duet. Rent a karaoke machine and throw your own party at home. Maybe the music wants to move through your body instead. Then, send her in with a note dismissing her at lunchtime.Over lunch, decide which fun things to do on your surprise skip day.After all, the needle arts aren’t just for grandmas any more.Or you could try scrapbooking, which combines both creativity and nostalgia.Or maybe you both always wanted to learn how to draw or paint. Helping others not only brings you closer to your community, but can also tighten those mother-daughter bonds. Head to a local shelter to spend time with the cuddly critters. Talk to a local food bank or soup kitchen and offer your time.