Granted, men can be the worst and do this ruthlessly.

Yet on the other hand, if you decided to do something different or, God forbid, mildly adventurous, you could be left drowning in possibilities.

In London, for example, there are 1,001 things you could do; ranging from simple drinks, to rock climbing, crazy golf, food markets, the London Eye, and the museums. And if your date is of the ‘I don’t mind what we do’ variety, you can often be left to make all the decisions.

Some people will tell you women like being chatted up on the street or at a bus stop. Trying to score with women anywhere other than clearly designated and appropriate venues like bars, clubs, and singles nights will get you into bother.

Pester women on the street or on public transport and you’ll be guilty of sexual harassment.

I am in fact referring to the dating pool – the sheer number of people out there in the same position as you, especially if you’re in a big city, can be immensely daunting. Take London; the nation’s biggest, busiest, and probably loneliest city when it comes to dating.

There are so many people out there looking for love (or lust or whatever else), it’s easy to get overlooked and fly under some sort of blanket f***boy radar. It seems there’s a huge imbalance on dating sites and it goes a little something like this: Women can get hundreds of messages each day whereas men are lucky to get a couple a week.It takes five seconds to send a text along the lines of, ‘Not feeling a spark, nice meeting you, bye’.Sure, women don’t owe men anything but for both sides, no matter who’s doing the ghosting, it’d just be nice if we were all a bit more civil.And it’s fine if you don’t click or feel ‘it’ with them and wish to explore other options.The qualm I have with this is the frivolous nature of how it happens.In truth, women do have it much harder when it comes to the great dating game.