Not to be too basic, but I feel like a startup has three major life stages (some of which can and should overlap):m Turk isn’t good for item #2, but it can be very wonderful for #1, and help with #3.

You would be amazed at who you can find on m Turk seemingly working for peanuts.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a marketplace created by Amazon back in 2005 because there are some tasks that computers can’t do.

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I could argue it either way, but I personally like surveys. Since m Turk is sort of convoluted to use, a friend of mine built Customer Discovery Ninja, which makes it super easy to get turkers to call you to talk, and then you can ask those questions that you would otherwise survey, and lead into a conversation and learn what you can to improve your service or idea.

His service records the conversations too, so you don’t have to worry about scribbling notes the whole time, and can instead just talk.

There are many turk sites out there, but not all of them are honest and paying.

Turk sites are places where you can get paid to complete simple tasks that require the human intelligence to be done effectively.

One tricky thing about m Turk is setting up the HITs themselves. But I’ll include the very basic version I use: Please feel free to be as long winded and verbose as you want to be in your answers in the survey when there is a comment box! ), and on the second page, have a comment box that says “Hey, thanks for taking our survey!

Please enter code “BANANA” in the comment box.” That way, when you go back to approve the HITs, you know that anyone that entered BANANA actually finished the survey, and anyone that entered anything else is trying to pull your leg. A lot of startup folks say phone interviews are better than surveys.

So I put a survey on m Turk trying to find out what exactly people were most afraid of when it came to online dating.

At my screen printing business, we love when we get a customer who is a professional graphic designer, because they know what they are doing when it comes to giving us artwork that we can actually use.

Examples of Tasks that need the human intelligence are: To start making money with Amazon Mturk there are only three steps you have to take.