Both Lauer and Morales have fiercely denied an affair, but that September, a seven-months-pregnant Roque filed for divorce, alleging “cruel and inhumane” treatment and citing Lauer’s “extremely controlling” behavior — but not on grounds of infidelity.

“Defendant has continuously and repeatedly given higher priority to …

No one could understand why the blushing bride had her dashing husband on such a tight leash.

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“For any good-looking women on the staff or who had any work-related contact with Matt, forget it! “They play happy families at their Hamptons home on weekends, and then she lets him run off to New York to do ‘Today’ — and goodness knows what else,” an East End insider snarked to Radar Online in September.

Roque is not a presence on the supercharged Hamptons social scene.

The family’s only major annual appearance is at the Hampton Classic horse show, a celebrity magnet in which daughter Romy competes alongside big-money equestrians like Georgina Bloomberg and Jessica Springsteen. we watch the jumping.” The Lauers bought a 40-acre property near their home in 2012 and spent lavishly to convert it into a high-end horse farm, with luxe stables for 36 animals — including five owned by the Lauers — and 16 paddocks, two outdoor riding rings, cross-country trails, and a climate-controlled indoor ring cushioned with a “premier low impact” surface.

“My wife and daughter ride like crazy,” Lauer told Newsday as he watched the 2014 contest. I know a lot of other people love the scene of this, but we get out of our seats and . “Bright Side Farm was a true labor of love and now that it’s here I feel like the luckiest girl in the world,” Roque gushed via email to a local website,, in 2013.

“I had to do an hour-and-a-half on women who fake orgasm,” Lauer complained of his previous job in a 1997 interview, shortly after he started hosting “Today.” “Do I look like the kind of guy who’d be comfortable doing that for half a minute, much less an hour-and-a-half? I couldn’t wait to get off that program.” Still, NBC brass feared that Lauer’s playboy ways could hurt his reputation with “Today’s” largely female viewership. Less than a year after meeting Roque on a blind date in 1997, he proposed to her — in Venice, while on assignment for his regular “Where in the World Is Matt Lauer? As the wedding neared, Roque was a shadowy presence. She doesn’t exist,’” Lauer colleague Elizabeth Vargas told People magazine shortly after their Oct. “We teased Matt,” Vargas said, when he explained that his fiancee — who modeled under the name Jade Roque — was frequently away on photo shoots.

Only 100 guests were invited to their intimate Bridgehampton wedding, including Katie Couric, Ann Curry, best man Bryant Gumbel, and actor Peter Gallagher.

The couple set up home in an Upper East Side apartment and started a family three years later with the birth of son Jack. But rumors of discord were rife, and the Lauers separated in 2006 — shortly after he returned from covering the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

Insiders gossiped that a furious fight erupted when Roque learned of Lauer’s alleged affair with “Today” show correspondent Natalie Morales while the two were on assignment for the games.

Page Six reported on Saturday that Lauer offered her up to a rumored million deal to remain in the marriage.