In April, Blige claimed in court documents obtained by PEOPLE that Isaacs spent more than 0,000 during their marriage on “travel charges” that involved his girlfriend, not her.

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While Miz Blige is making money singing about her pain, Isaacs — who used to live in an $8 million mansion with the singer — is now shacking up in a 1,400 square foot apartment, and has been unable to find work, allegedly due to her public mudslinging.

Fast forward to now, their relationship beef is far from over! Blige Is An Ageless Deity According to legal docs obtained by .

In a trial brief filed October 13, Isaacs had demanded his estranged wife provide $65,000 weekly, alleging Blige makes an average gross monthly income available for support of $275,476, while he on the other hand, has 'no immediate prospective earnings.' Blige owns three properties including an $8M eight-bedroom, ten-bathroom, Saddle River, New Jersey mansion that has been on the market since 2015.

After his separation from Blige, Isaacs is now living in a 1,400 square foot apartment in Los Angeles Isaacs's requests were denied on Tuesday, but he will continue receiving the $30,000 a month the judge ordered in June. In that same hearing, Blige was ordered to pay $100,000 towards Isaacs's legal fees in monthly installments of $15k.

The singer, 46, filed for divorce in July 2016 after 12 years of marriage.

Despite Blige’s attempts to argue that their prenuptial agreement waived any spousal support, she’ll have to pay Isaacs dating back to September, according to E! Isaacs originally requested for 9,319 per month, but a judge ordered a lot less be paid.

Isaacs also claimed the divorce has led him to experience 'stress and emotional distress', which caused him to be hospitalized.

After his separation from Blige, he says he is now living a 1,400 square foot apartment in Los Angeles, as opposed to the M mansion he shared with his wife in New Jersey.

Blige opened up about her divorce in an interview with Variety last month, suggesting Isaacs had been unfaithful and calling him a 'con artist.''I'm doing OK. ,000/month for her Los Angeles rental,340/month for her two Mercedes-Benz,545/month Saddle River, NJ property expenses,147/month New Rochelle, NY property expenses,014/month Cresskill, NJ property expenses He claimed Blige received an estimated .7 million advance for her new album, Strength of a Woman, that was not taken into account during the hearing.