With easier access to the status of your quotes, you can follow up on open quotes before they expire, quickly identify quotes that have been converted into sales, and ensure that your prices are current and consistent for each customer.You can get up and running quickly with the Sage Advisor Launchpad and Sage Advisor Messages.

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You’ve empowered us to stay with our same version Peachtree 2011. It was truly a pleasure and I can't thank you enough! Keith (from UT) 1-18-12 Thanks for being so nice and helpful!

Johh (from CA)1-21-15 Hello James, The formula seems to be working great. Tracie(from GA) 1-25-12 This is the third year we've gotten your ebook. I will definitely refer your material to friends that need it!

If you want to cancel your business care, you must tell us in writing AT LEAST 15 BUSINESS DAYS before YOUR ANNUAL anniversary date.

People come to Quick Books Learn & Support for help and answers—we want to let them know that we're here to listen and share our knowledge.

We do that with the style and format of our responses.

7-16-15Jim thanks for your expert help with our tax tables. Marilyn (from TX) 1-5-15 It's a great service you offer. You allow a small company to continue to do payroll at a reasonable price. Additionally, you having gone above and beyond this year to assist me technically with an issue that, in the end, wasn't directly related to the input of your tables, was a rare breath of fresh air with regards to technical assistance and customer service. I'll definitely recommend you to my Peachtree using buddies.

It also gives you quick access to related customer information or reports that you might need while creating an invoice and displays critical due dates, payment dates, and credit status messages (Ex: Notify Over Limit) when you select a customer.

The Quote List now has an option that shows the status of all your quotes without having to open each quote.

We will not renew your account if you call us before your renewal date and tell us not to renew.

You don’t have to call us three times, we will get it done the first time.

stating that they will require all Sage 50/Peachtree payroll users to upgrade every year by subscribing to their Sage Business Care which will include the annual payroll tax tables.