I have never experienced this but I’ve heard stories. Nizam encountered a lot of difficulties while dating his Chinese partner, Margaret. I never felt so much happiness before I knew this girl. But the good times did not last and we got a serious dose of parental disapproval and judgmental side-eyes from our relatives. “She tried to escape from there and wanted to come back here, but she failed. “Her willingness made the decision to convert to Islam easier, it’s not about race.For instance, despite high levels of interest expressed, generally less than half of respondents regularly experienced or participated in the practices and activities of other cultures.

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Last month, I entered the world of dating as an ex-pat.

Even though I’ve had a girlfriend while being abroad before, this was my first time looking at dating abroad with long term considerations.

Language can sometimes be an issue for me as well since Cantonese/Mandarin may be their stronger/preferred language.

There are also factors like cultural and religious differences which can be other barriers to a relationship.

Dating in Malaysia is definitely different compared to Vancouver.

I can only comment on dating local Malaysian Chinese, so anything outside this realm, I really can’t speak much of (thus when I say ‘girls’ in this post, I am speaking about Malaysian Chinese girls).

Ease of meeting girls: It’s not necessarily hard to find single girls here.

Along with Malaysia being more conservative and issues around safety, there are more trust issues when making friends with girls, especially meeting a complete stranger.

For inter-cultural romance, Chinese and Caucasian dating partners ranked high on the list.