For our little ninth-grade minds, this was a big change, but we adjusted as best we could. First of all I want to mention the Friday Night Crew of BD, MP, KR, and AZ. First and foremost, thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to receive an education. But also, it's important to recognize the coaches, Ms. First year Head Coach Nick Erban led a group of relative newcomers, with little to no experience, and competed against a fill! Season highlights included a 39-36 victor}' over Norwell, MA and a 12th place finish at the highly competitive 20 team Methuen Invitational Wrestling Tournament.

We wandered the halls, map in hand, happy, at least, that most of our classes were on the same floor. trotto tang naumann 2nd Fam=goodmems Good Hmes summer08'09 Prom09! SENIOR'S 10* 1 Jeruscha Sarah Belacy 112 Walnut Street Juju To be all that 1 am destined for VISION WITHOUT ACTION IS A DAYDREAM. 1 WILL REMEMBER EVERYONE; ALL THOSE WHO SUPPORTED AND AIDED ME. Next I want to acknowledge my former band mates DE, JO, and SC. Thank mv mother, sister and entire lamilv for their support. Senior Captain David Miranda (160 lbs) and Junior Chris Wade (189 lbs) each placed 6th at the Division 1 Central Sectional Wrestling Tournament.

This year causes words like transitions, growth, and changes to surface. 21 Edith Avenue Jessie To do what I got to do and always be happy. The girls were proud to show their pride for the basketball team by cheering on its players. included seniors Fardin Abdul-Zaher, Jean Bourdeau, Ashmad Conde, Richard Cutlip. Bailey was voted a GBL All-Star and also qualified for the Division I State Meet. At the end of the day, when the game is set and match, the only thing that truly matters is the heart we put in and the smiles we pull out. Senior Ryan Canillas will be one of the top distance runners while lenic Mucci, Brian Panarese and Ian Sybils will lead the sprinters.

We have to fill out applications, make decisions, meet deadlines, and basically grow up. Some people say these past high school years and future college years are the most important of our lives. Ha\ e faith in vour dreams and someday \ our rainbow will come smiling through -Disney Woot Woot! I thank GOD 1st ,also Mami, Papi, Carlitos, Paola , My whole family 1 love vou all .Linda ILY mucho'-bffl, Mel, Krizzia, Robert, WB JF DL CC JM VC LG MFT DA CB JU SJ and all mv other amazing Friends, 1 luv all of vou; Thx 4 the Memories & we all know its not the end Just a fresh start ; 2010 how hard you get hit and keep moving ' forward! Cody Dingman, Michael Garofalo, Jepthe Jean, Sherwood Jonathas, Cory Kidd. Bourdeau was a member of the Division I State qualifying 4x200m and 4x400m relays. oi the most exciting meets this season for the boys was versus Maiden e the meet ended in a tie.

Our journey began at the "old" Everett High School, and we are the last graduating class that Ccm say that. It's only by having been thrust into the limelight that I have learned to cope with my shyness. Taco Bell Crew- Entourage AL JV RM MC JS JM KD JR LC AB BB NR Old EHS Stickball Sunday Football I Kevin D'Hooge! Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought. Although it is the seniors Carrie Anne Engebretson, Amanda Laforest, Hannah Miller, Brianna Berbaum and Samantha Medeiros' last year, they are sure to take this year's memories with them.

We got to experience a place that generations upon generations of Everett residents passed through, even if it was only for one year. Henri Louis Bergson High School has been a fun and memorable experience I will never forget. The girls have been practicing hard for competition and at every game supporting the boys. 168 -Sports Wrestlir For the first time in nearly ten years, Everett's Wrestlers were back on the mat.

We learned how to make it across the building in three minutes, how to open a locker, how to push through a crowded hallway in time for class. Timothy Barchard 29 \'i\U Avenue Jessica Barrows Jess To make mv parents happv The onh' dreams that matter are the ones vou ha\ e when vour awake Mv familv*Lovevou! "It is not the length of life hut depth of life." -Ralph Waldo Emerson Congratulations and good luck class of 2010! Percussion & Ohio 09 TO Thanks to all of mv friends. GBL All-Stars Michelle Fenelon and Lisa Aylward led the team to an 11-9 record, including key wins over Maiden, Marblehead, and Saugus.

Then, just as we got our footing, things changed again, and we found ourselves in a brand new school, ironically, just as lost as we were a year before. The girls clinched a playoff spot against Arlington at home on Senior Night.

We prayed for absent teachers, free periods in the cafeteria or auditorium. 1 THANK THEM ALL BUT ABOVE ALL ELSE AND EVERYONE ELSE I THANK GOD! Finally I want to give shout outs to MC, RC, NP, ML, and JA. 3 Jainvme-Slice 1 just want to be successful All our dreams can come true. I want to thank God for everything, my family and my friends. For all my boys from the Football team, AC, ML,]C, ND, MT,]B, RN, BOWMAN, SI, N C, ST, RT, CD, JM, DL. Nakayla Argenhria Dalryrnp Te 43 Rear Tappan Street Icepic Love all, trust a few. With 11 of the 14 varsit}' grapplers returning next year and a contingent of fi"eshman and sophomore wrestlers, the Crimson Tide should be a force to be reckoned with in the near future.

We ate lunch outside, for the first and last time, wrote on blackboards, before they were obsolete, and wondered if there really was a pool on the fourth floor. Eni Bashllari 43 Bettinson A\'enue To be happv in all that 1 do. Sports 169 Basketiall Lisa Aylward Michelle Fenelon I The Girls' Basketball team qualified for the state tournament for the first time in six years, finishing with their best record in more than a decade.

For one night, almost the whole school came together, celebrating what makes our student body special. Before long, it was June, and it was time to let the '09 seniors go. There are some great memories behind us: the triumph of Senior Dress-up Day, school plays, concerts, the talent show, football games. By the time these words are read, we will have attended Senior Prom and Senior Luau, among countless other school events. A few months after that, and we will have gone our separate ways. Things will change, as they always do, and we will have to adapt, as we always do. We are the last graduating class from the old high school, and we are the last students in EHS who can testify what a difference a new building can make. Captains Matt Costello and Rodman Noel led the squad, with help from seniors Clark Bova, Ricky Thurin, Jethro Augustc, Schneider Pierre- Louis, and Osagie Ihcgit.

We watched them graduate, knowing that, in only a year, it would be Senior year. This is a unique class, for that reason and many others. IM OFTEN IMITATED NEVER DUPLICATED I LOVE TO SING, DANCE, MUSIC MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND! De Quan Lee and Rodman Noel were named GBL All-Stars. 11 172 Sports The 2010 Crimson Tide Basketball C^heerleading Team was lead by captains Alexa Aurite and Kristina Di Biaso alongside seniors Cristian Faia, Bryanna Arrington, Jiilie Vo, Genesis Vaquerano and Jealynn Miller. y^-t ^ The strong group of seniors tor this years boys winter track team was led by captains Kenneth Bailey and Ryan Canillas. We have come a long way since our freshman games and we only continue to bring spirit and competition to the courts. ports ^ Spring TVack ior Kenny Bailey had an outstanding season throwing bodi the shot ind discus narrowly missing state qualification standards in the shot Bailey and senior Cor\' Kidd will lead a young throwing group in .

Luckily, at the new school, ev-eryone was lost, but not for long. Another year passed, much like the last, but dominated by a new feeling. Captain Fenelon was the team's top scorer, third in the league.