The former Nationalist MP is now a Labour candidate.

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This article lists the British National Party's election results in the UK parliamentary, Scottish parliamentary and Welsh Assembly elections, as well as in the European Parliament elections and at a local level.

In total 73 BNP candidates polled 5% or more and saved their deposit.

The election results followed a campaign in which the BNP website was closed down by its designer, the party's publicity director was arrested on suspicion of threatening to kill Griffin and a candidate in London was filmed fighting in the street with a group of Asian teenagers.

The BNP's first electoral success came in 1993, when Derek Beackon was returned as a councillor in Millwall, London. The next BNP success in local elections was not until the 2002 local elections, when three BNP candidates gained seats on Burnley council.

Later the same year, the BNP won two local by-elections.

However, the BNP vote in all but one was lower than the NF had previously achieved.

(The exception was Carmarthen: NF 149 in 1979; BNP 154 in 1983.) BNP results ranged from 94 to 632 votes. The party's Bromley officer Alf Waite and West Kent chief Michael Easter both broke rank and stood as candidates and, despite attempts by Tyndall to maintain unity, some of Waite and Easter's supporters split from the BNP to join the Flag Group after the election.

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